Timeless Lace Wedding Dresses

lace wedding dressesDo you desire a classic look for your big day? If so, consider lace; it is ultra-romantic and feminine and sure to lend a polished elegance to your look. Moreover, lace is timeless and will look good in pictures 50 years from now. For today's bride, there are generally a few different laces you will often find on a wedding dresses:

Chantilly Lace: It is known for being a lighter and finer lace. It’s nearly always a soft floral pattern.

Alençon Lace: This lace is better distinguished by having a thicker and bolder pattern. This lace features filled-in motifs outlined with a heavier silky cord that create a raised outer edge on a sheer net background.

Guipure Lace (or Venise Lace): This lace is a heavy large patterned lace without any ground mesh. Instead of being woven on a net background like Chantilly or Alençon lace, Guipure laces have silky threads connecting the motifs.

Whichever lace you choose, you are sure to look stunning. Pair a lace dress with a classic rose bouquet, pearl earrings and a soft updo and you are sure to be a picture of perfection.

—Naima DiFranco