Three Things to Let Bridesmaids Choose

When you’re planning your wedding, you have to make one decision after another. What are my colors? Band or DJ? Chicken or fish? Worrying about what your bridesmaids are going to wear is just another series of decisions...and this time, there’s the added pressure of keeping your closest friends happy. Is this dress too expensive? Will this look good on everyone? Will these shoes be comfortable? Here are some things that you can consider delegating to your bridesmaids. We've included advantages and disadvantages for each to help you decide what works best for you.

1. Their Shoes

Pro: The phrase "walk a mile in someone else’s shoes" exists for a reason — because how a shoe fits and feels is a pretty personal experience. Asking your girls to buy identical shoes that they'll likely never wear again seems unnecessary. No one will pay much attention if your bridesmaids' shoes don't match, but everyone will notice if one of your girls is stumbling down the aisle because she can't walk in the heels that you chose.

Con: If your 'maids are wearing short dresses and you want a uniform look, letting them pick their own shoes may not work for you. To create a cohesive look while still giving them some control, set specific guidelines — nude pumps, black patent peep-toes, etc. — and then let them pick something that fits their budget. Bonus: They'll also be able to control their comfort level and can choose a wider style if they have wide feet. 

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2. Their Dresses

Pro: We love the mismatched bridesmaids dresses trend, in part because this look may be the answer to many gals’ fashion woes. Trying to find a dress that suits everyone's budget, body, and style is a daunting task; add in the whole "it would be nice if they could wear it again" factor and it can get pretty exhausting. Letting them choose gives them a bit more control over what they spend, how they look, and, ultimately, how much they like the dress.

Con: While it’s tempting to pass the decision-making buck, being too vague about your expectations can actually be more stressful for your bridesmaids. Make shopping easier for them by setting one or two guidelines. For example: the color and the fabric, the brand the color, or the style and the color family. But if your friends just aren't fashionistas or if they find shopping stressful, get some feedback from them on what they like and then make the decision for them.

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3. Their Hairstyles

Pro: For many women, how their hair looks is directly tied to how confident they feel. So while you may love sleek updos, some of your friends might feel less-than-stellar with their hair pulled up. Even though all eyes will be on you, your friends are going to be in those pictures too and they want to feel their best; letting them choose their hairstyles is one of the easiest ways to ensure that they do.

Con: If your bridesmaids are the no-fuss types and you want a polished look for your wedding, letting them choose their styles might result in curls gone wild. Women who don’t care much about their hair or makeup or who have a very different sense of style than you may not be comfortable picking out their hairstyles; if that’s the case with your gals, it might make more sense to choose the hairstyles yourself.

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