Bride Sets Guinness World Record for Longest Veil

Bride Elena De Angelis wanted to turn heads on her wedding day, but she may have taken that desire a little too literally: She just set a new Guinness record for the longest veil ever worn by a bride — her white silk headpiece stretched for 1.86 miles! 

Six hundred people had to help carry the veil during the processional. Thousands of residents from the Casal di Princice town in Naples cheered the bride as she made her way to the church in an antique car to marry Ferdinand Pucci last Thursday.

De Angelis' record-breaking accessory was crafted from 3.7 miles of material and designed by Gianni Molaro Campania.

Molaro said: "I was really greateful to be asked to design this veil...I wanted this veil to symbolize peace and hope and I think we have achieved this."

Watch the video below to catch the veil in action and see why it left us so speechless:

Then check out all of the astounding photos over at The Daily Mail UK!

De Angelis' never-ending topper joins a list of some other equally mind-blowing bridal attire, including: the longest wedding dress train (which measured almost 8,165 ft.) created by Lichel van den Ende in the Netherlands and the blingiest gown in the world (which featured 45,024 crystals), designed by Özden Gelinlik Moda Tasarim Ltd. from Turkey. 


—Stefania Sainato