Watch: Best Man Gives Hysterical Speech to "Let it Go" from Frozen

Just when we thought we couldn't hear Frozen's "Let it Go" for the thousandth time, best man Joey Boyes' version has us feeling all warm and fuzzy about it again! He sang a riveting remake of the Academy Award-winning song for pal Dominic Clark and his wife Rebecca at their wedding on August 16th.

Could this be the most creative best man's speech ever? Watch it for yourself and decide!

What makes this speech so wonderful is that it hits all the right emotional notes in just three-and-a-half minutes. There are plenty of quips ("After years of dating mingers, he's finally found a queen") but there are some tear-jerkers, too, such as when he alludes to the bride's late father ("I know your dad is smiling up there on his cloud") and toasts "the couple with the brightest spark."

The gutsy British groomsman, 27, spent six months perfecting "Best Man Joe" — he even sang it on his way to pick up the groom. "‘I've known Dom all my life and I wanted to do something special. We both did theatre when we were younger, and Becky loves Disney, so this seemed perfect," he tells The Daily Mail

frozen best man speech
Photo Credit: @BestManJoey on Twitter

Well-played, sir. 

—Stefania Sainato