This 92-Year-Old Grandma is the Best Flower Girl You'll Ever See!

When bride Abby Mershon asked her beloved grandmother to be her flower girl, she never expected this incredible outcome. Here, the now-viral video!

grandma flower girl
Photo Credit: Little Rascal Studio

Abby and Dustin Mershon's classic outdoor wedding in Minnesota began with an unexpected and heartwarming twist. Instead of tots in tulle tossing petals, the matriarch of Abby's family, her grandmother Georgina Arlt, led her down the aisle. 

In February, when the 27-year-old popped the question to her grandmother in front of their entire family, she was greeted with an overwelmingly ecstatic 'yes!' "Everyone screamed but she shrieked at the top of her lungs. She kept on saying over and over that she had never been in another wedding besides her own. She was so excited," Abby told People

Check out grandma's grand entrance here: 

And the whole family posing for a photo:

grandma flower girl

Photo courtesy of Abby Mershon

When Abby and her sister were growing up, they saw their grandma every weekend and she couldn't imagine asking anyone else to be a part of her special day. “She always took us to church, brushed our hair, made us breakfast every single morning and taught us how to make our beds,” Abby said. “She has always been the perfect grandma.”

And a fabulous flower girl, we might add! Congratulations to the happy couple. 

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—Mary Gillen