5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Day Makeup Artist

Before your trip down the aisle, you want to maintain that blushing-bride glow all day (and evening) long. Through tears, sweat, and the long-awaited kiss, your makeup should stay in place while also making you look as beautiful as you feel. There is no shortage of makeup artists who will be vying for your business for the big day. It may feel overwhelming, as your choices are vast. Asking a few important questions can help you select a professional who will fit your needs.

wedding day makeup artist

Can I see your portfolio?

This is key is selecting someone who will be able to live up to your expectations. Makeup artists often have their own style when it comes to their craft. While a good artist will be versatile, you may find that what you envision your makeup to look like on your wedding day complements the style of a particular makeup artist better than others. Viewing a portfolio will give you examples of what you can achieve.

Will you travel to my location?

If the makeup artist can come to you, it can help ease stress on the big day. If you choose to have photos taken before the ceremony, you'll need to plan accordingly. Plus, ask will the makeup artist stay for a few hours to provide touch-ups if needed? This can prove to be valuable, and if it's included in the cost, that's even better.

Do you include other services such as eyebrow shaping and eyelash application?

Some makeup artists will meet with bridal clients a week or two before the wedding day to shape their eyebrows. Avoid having your eyebrows shaped on the day of the wedding to minimize redness or skin irritation. Ask if they can also provide eyelash extensions or the application of false individual lashes.

Which brands do you use?

Many artists work with their own preferred brands and products within their makeup kit. Keep in mind that different brands will cater to specific skincare and makeup needs, such as high-coverage products for certain skin conditions and hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin. Ask whether they can accommodate you if you have any special requests. Perhaps you have some absolute personal favorites in your own makeup bag at home that you don’t want to be without on your wedding day. If so, simply ask if it’s possible to work with your own products.

Do you offer a trial makeup application?

Although makeup artists’ portfolios speak volumes, seeing their skill and craft on your own face will help you choose the right person for the role. If you end up booking the makeup artist for your wedding day, the trial-run may be included at no extra cost. After the trial-run, take lots of photos to see how your makeup looks on camera. Make sure to show up to your trial with a few photos of makeup looks you love to help the artist bring the look to life. Also, be sure to ask for any specific instructions for how to prepare your skin before the appointment. Many makeup artists will ask that you arrive with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face.

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