25 Beatles Songs to Play at Your Wedding

Beatles’ songs, beloved by wedding guests young and old, live on as timeless crowd-pleasers and go-to hits for DJs. In fact, we see that couples request Beatles songs for their special wedding moments more than any other artist (and the music still never feels overplayed or trite).

From beautiful harmonies to feel-good melodies to emotional lyrics, the Fab Four created such a wide and diverse song library, we could pick a Beatles tune for every wedding moment! And so we did. Read on to find some creative Beatles tunes that will perfectly suit your special day.

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Ceremony Processional or Recessional

► “All You Need Is Love”
This may be the most well-known Beatles love song, but it hits the right notes every time.

► “Two of Us”
A more unique song choice for recessional, perfect for a couple with a long and strong history.  

Cocktail Hour

► “Michelle”
► “Norweigan Wood”
► “Penny Lane”
We could go on! You can’t go wrong with any popular Beatles’ song during cocktail hour or dinner.  

Reception Entrance

► “Love Me Do” 
Guests can’t help but clap, foot-tap and cheer along with this feel-good early Beatles hit.  

► “Here Comes the Sun”
The iconic guitar riff in the intro quickly builds energy creating a happy, warm vibe for an entrance moment that isn’t too sticky sweet.

► “Got to Get You Into my Life”
This song sets a festive mood for your entrance with horns, harmonies and a happy sound.  

First Dance

► “Something”
With effortless romance, you’ll feel like you’re floating during your first dance to this song.  

► “Do You Want to Know a Secret” 
An upbeat first dance choice with a sweet message of love. 

► “And I Love Her” 
This song drips passion and devotion to create a very classic first dance moment. 

► “PS I Love You”
A more unique choice, this one resonates with classic early Beatles harmonies and a sweet 60’s love song vibe.  

Father-Daughter Dance

► “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You”
This is a great mid-tempo dance song that’s fun yet sweet for the father-daughter moment.

► “Take Good Care of My Baby” 
The Beatles didn’t technically write this one, but we recommend their fantastic cover of this great father-daughter dance song.  

Mother-Son Dance

► “In My Life”
This one can also work for father-daughter dance, but we’ve found that moms really dig this song’s emotional lyrics about a love that transcends all others.

► “Hey Jude”
Written for John Lennon’s son, this song holds a lovely message of hope and love, perfect for a mother-son moment.  

Garter Toss

► “She’s A Woman”
Originally a B-side to the more well-known “I Feel Fine," this sexy song is a great choice for the garter toss.  

Bouquet Toss

► “Boys”
A fun choice with a little doo-wop flare, this will bring the energy up high for the bouquet toss.

 Cake Cutting

► “All My Loving”
This song is a perfect mix of sweet and playful, that won’t fall flat during the cake-cutting.

► “Can’t Buy Me Love”
This song brings a bit of whimsy to the cake-cutting moment and will create some great photographic moments — couples can’t help but smile big when this song is playing.  

Dance Songs

► “Twist and Shout”
The Beatles did a famous cover of this classic dance song. We may dig it even more than the original Isley Brothers version.

► “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”
If you want everyone to be dancing AND singing, this is a can’t-miss hit to create unity in the crowd.

► “Eight Days a Week”
A high energy love song that everyone loves to dance to.  

Last Song

► “A Hard Day’s Night”
When everyone’s tired from dancing the night away, end with this Beatles classic to keep the energy high for one last song. It's ironic and fun for the moment.

► “Here Comes the Sun”
This song works at the last song as well — sure, it might not be dawn (technically), but closing out the party with this anthem is a fantastic way to end the night on a positive note.

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