10 Worst Wedding Song Requests

Each week, we feature music recommendations from Scratch Weddings, the nation's leader with the best wedding DJs at affordable prices. This week's post comes from DJ NME, who has been DJing for over a decade and can often be found in the hottest nightspots in NYC, Miami, and LA. As a music taste-maker, he's frequently hired by discerning clients such as Ralph Lauren, Pepsi, Levi's and Saks Fifth Ave. DJ NME always strives to tell a story with the music, whether that's the excitement of a couple's wedding night, or the experience of a high-profile event. "Reading any crowd is like playing a game of catch. If I throw them the ball and they throw it back, then I know they want more. If they don't, then I have to find a better ball.”

Photo Credit: Matt Andrews Photography

What exactly qualifies a song as a “bad" request? That, of course, depends upon who you are asking. Like most things in life, taste is subjective; what some consider to be gag-inducing sappy lyrics can be swoon-worthy to others. Some guests may cover their ears at the cacophony of hair band rock ballad, while others hear it and loosen their ties for a full-on head banging session on the dance floor. Either way, bad requests are songs that don’t fit within the flow of the event. They’re corny, overplayed, inappropriate or just straight mood killers that will ruin the reception momentum faster than you can say “Chumbawamba.”

I’ve been a DJ for over a decade and I’ve seen it all — the best and the worst requests from every genre. While you may love one or more of the songs on this list, you should know that at a wedding, nothing will clear a dance floor faster. Sing them in the shower if you must; just don’t play them on your big day.

► "My Heart Will Go On" — Celine Dion
► "Who Let the Dogs Out" — Baha Men
► "I’m on a Boat" — The Lonely Island
► "Friday" — Rebecca Black
► "Tubthumping" — Chumbawamba
► "Gold Digger" — Kanye West
► "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" — Green Day
► "Total Eclipse of the Heart" — Bonnie Tyler
► "You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’" — The Righteous Brothers
► "Stupid H**" — Nicki Minaj