10 Songs That Make People Cry At Weddings

dj bounce Each week, we feature wedding music recommendations from Scratch Weddings, the nation's leader with the best wedding DJs at affordable prices. This week's post comes from DJ Bounce made his debut on the turntables in late 2000 and hasn't looked back. His raw talent and dedication to the craft, has made him the most sought after DJ for couples in the Washington DC area. DJ Bounce gives the extra effort to weddings and couples. "The fun part is the good vibe I get from everybody. In order for that to happen, I try to be the couple's and the people's DJ by delivering good music, good mixing, lots of dancing and good vibes. Everybody wins." dancing at wedding reception
Photo Credit: Julie Pepin

Have you ever been to a wedding where you saw somebody crying to the music?  At this sight, did you notice your own tear ducts welling up, too? Well, sort of like yawns, tears can be contagious at weddings when the right song is queued up. Weddings are filled with many happy moments, but occasionally, all of the excitement collides and manifests itself as a few tears. As a DJ, my vantage point allows me to witness the entire emotional experience that people go through. I never see this reaction to the music as negative; to the contrary, I know the guests are experiencing something memorable at that moment.  Whether it’s a slow song, the father/daughter or mother/son dance, or the touching first official spin around the dance floor as newlyweds, these are the top 10 songs that are most likely to make you shed a tear…

► "Never Alone" — Lady Antebellum
► "You Are the Love of My Life" — George Benson
► "You Are So Beautiful" — Joe Cocker
► "Can’t Take My Eyes Off You" — Lauryn Hill
► "Halo" — Beyoncé
► "At Last" — Etta James
► "Unchained Melody" — The Righteous Brothers
► "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" — Bryan Adams
► "Marry Me" — Train
► "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" — Aerosmith