50 Best Bridal Hairstyles for Outdoor Weddings

Picturesque landscapes with majestic trees towering over your ceremony space. Waves crashing down in foamy perfection. The grandeur of mountains standing tall in the background with rolling hills and streams weaving Tropical nirvana with blooming flowers and fruits sparkling in the sunny glow of their natural habitat. This is the kind of stuff nuptials dreams are made of... but when it comes to an outdoor wedding, hair can be tricky. Heat, humidity, wind (hello, ocean!), and more can alter your ‘do and leave you less than happy with your look and pictures. That’s why we tapped top bridal hair stylists for their best picks for outdoor weddings. Take their advice, and swap 'eat, drink, and be frizzy' for 'eat, drink, and be merry' vibes all day long.

By: Perri O. Blumberg

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  • Braided Crown

    Braided Crown

    Sure, braids lend themselves to a variety of wedding hairstyles, but for outdoor weddings, you really can’t beat the simple (and stay put!) elegance of a braided crown. “For brides with very fine hair, a braided or twisted crown is a great option for an upstyle that can be enhanced with salt spray, texture irons, or the addition of a few pieces of braided hair extensions. Trying to wrangle very thick hair? This a great option for controlling volume and the frizz and flyaways that can result from extended time outdoors,” advises NYC-based educator, licensed cosmetologist, and bridal beauty artist Eden Di Bianco. Pro tip: “Smooth strands with a bit of styling cream to keep frizz and flyaways in check before and after styling. If you’re getting married outdoors, avoid pomades and heavy waxes, as they may melt in direct sun with prolonged exposure!” 

    Photo Credit: Melissa Kruse

  • Bohemian Ponytail

    Bohemian Ponytail

    Perpetually annoyed by tendrils falling in your eyes or hair getting in your way but don’t want anything over-the-top for your big day? This may be the look for you: “If you would like to try an unconventional hairstyle that helps gather away from your face, while still framing it beautifully, bohemian ponytails are simple and fun,” offers Chow.

    Photo Credit: Stylish & Hip Weddings

  • A Braided Bun with Flowers

    A Braided Bun with Flowers

    Sophisticated? Check. Eye catching? You betchya. “For the bride that wants glamour with no fuss, a braid made into a bun so it look like a basket weave with flowers in the hair to give it a very garden party look," says Barbetto. Highlights also really pop in statement braids, if you love the look of contrasting colors.

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  • Side-Swept Twist

    Side-Swept Twist

    Ready, set, roll into perfection with this captivating look fitting for you on your special day. “Having your hairstylist during the transition from your ceremony to reception is key for a quick touch up of soft curls and to make sure everything stays in place for the party,” suggests Redmond.

    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • Slick Ponytail

    Slick Ponytail

    This isn’t your middle school ‘tail. A simple hairstyle that will leave guests dazzled. Hair is sleek and neatly secured just below the crown of the head. The pony part is flat ironed in place with a medium hold hairspray. Perfect because with the proper amount of product and tightness, this look will not budge all night! If extra length is desired, have your stylist add in extensions, says Mischa G., who admits this is even the look she wants for her own upcoming nuptials.

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  • Sleek and Braided

    Sleek and Braided

    Your guests won’t forget this look anytime soon. “Hair is down with one side braided back for this style,” explains Mischa G. “The braid acts as an anchor to keep half of the hair away from the face and adds an interesting accent.”

    Photo courtesy of Bumble and Bumble

  • Half Up, Half Down

    Half Up, Half Down

    “Wrap two sections of hair from around the face to the back to create a loose knotted half up look. It's perfect for outdoors because you can still have the look of having your hair down without the chance of wind sweeping hair into your face,” says Mischa G. Add a tiara or pin for added glamour, if you’d like.

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  • Simple Beach Waves

    Simple Beach Waves

    “In drier climates, beachy waves are beautiful on brides for a more casual wedding,” says Redmond. For a burst of color to complement the low-key look, try a statement flower crown and bright red lips.

    Photo Credit: Jennifer Robbins

  • A Ballerina Bun

    A Ballerina Bun

    Nothing spells graceful glamour quite like a ballerina bun — “A classic style for summer or outdoor brides that is virtually weatherproof,” says Redmond. To make it a little less refined, wrap hair like twine around the base of the bun and tease it out.

  • Low Textured Chignon

    Low Textured Chignon

    “For the done but not too done bride, this look is easy and effortless and keeps the hair off of the face and neck even in humid weather," says Mischa G. "The more texture, the better!” Chic and simple, this style also really allows beaded or lace work on the upper back of your dress to pop.

  • Side-Swept Hair

    Side-Swept Hair

    Rapunzel-length locks look particularly striking when taken off to the side in this look. “For brides who would like to let their hair down for a summer wedding, a side-swept style is a great option,” says Chow. “Remember to prep the hair with anti-humidity product prior to styling to make sure the style will last.”

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  • Classic Chignon

    Classic Chignon

    Traditional doesn’t mean boring. It’s hard to beat the elegance of this simple look: “This slicked-back very chic look is a great pick for an outdoor wedding,” shares celebrity hair designer Andre Davis. "It should be really big so it’s wrapped in around and made really pronounced so you can see it from every angle."

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  • Hollywood Waves

    Hollywood Waves

    Throwback glam never looked classier. “For brides in a vintage-inspired wedding, consider a classic Hollywood glam style with structured waves framing the face,” recommends Lydia Redmond, director of weddings at Ritz-Carlton, Naples in Naples, Florida. This simple ‘do manages to hold up well outdoors, but make sure you use extra-strength hairspray to hold up to the elements.

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  • Natural Waves with a Braided Duo

    Natural Waves with a Braided Duo

    This dreamy look is free-spirited yet elegant. “I love beach waves with two braids opened up to hold the hair back away from the face,” says Rocco Barbetto, creative director of New York City’s Marie-Lou & D. “It’s a very bohemian look and a no-fuss style that still reads well in photos.”

    Photo Credit: Marie-Lou & D

  • Side Bun with Dutch Braid

    Side Bun with Dutch Braid

    Polished yet playful, this updo is super lustworthy if you’re saying your “I dos” beachside (or any outdoor locale). “If you want your hair to stay put during an outdoor summer wedding, a side bun will stay in place well and also ensures your hair avoids getting frizzy. Adding details, such as a Dutch braid [an inside-out French braid], really shine in photos and complete the look for your special day,” says Anny Chow of Anny Chow Makeup & Hair Artistry.

  • Bridal Waves

    Bridal Waves

    This classic look for an oceanside wedding also works wonderfully for laid-back lakehouse nuptials and gives you an effortless, carefree look in photos. “Enhance your hair’s natural texture with Surf Spray and wrap large sections of hair around an iron. This 'do is perfect for outdoors because you are embracing natural texture and keeping everything natural and loose,” says Bumble and Bumble stylist Mischa G.

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    Credit: Tom Rauner

  • Accented Ballerina Bun

    Accented Ballerina Bun

    “A textured bun like this one looks great with accessories like headbands and floral crowns," comments Di Bianco. "If you plan on wearing a veil, decide on the placement of your veil with your hairstylist to determine how high up on your head you want the bun to sit. Finish with hairspray, and keep extra bobby pins on hand to make sure your bun is secure, whatever may come.” Sand, wind, rice, you’ll be prepared!

    Photo Credit: Claudia McDade

  • Classic Bun

    Classic Bun

    We’ll admit it, we’re a little nuts for the simple beauty of a classic bun. “A popular request by urban brides, this basic bun parted down the middle (think Kim Kardashian) looks particularly great in photos when multiple bridal party members have the same ‘do," says Barbetto. 

  • Braided Updo

    Braided Updo

    A simple way to add lust-worthy texture to any style: “Give your braids additional intrigue by making them French or fishtail and incorporating them into your updo,” says Redmond. Side-by-side braids capped off with a messy bun? An understated romantic effect people will be talking about for ages.

  • Beach Braids

    Beach Braids

    “Traditional braids are easy to create and will complement your bridesmaids nicely if they all have a statement braid woven into their hair as well,” says Redmond. “A softer side braid with some loose strands of hair around the face is perfect for a beachfront occasion.” We dare you not to fall in love with this sweet look; try waterfall braids on both sides to frame your face if you’re looking for something a bit different from traditional three-pronged styles.

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    Photo Credit: Town Country Studios

  • A Fairytale Chignon

    A Fairytale Chignon

    “For a more relaxed look, consider the disheveled chignon,” says Redmond, which adds subtle, sexy allure to the typically more formal, streamlined chignon. This style works wonderfully for beach or lakeside nuptials, as a gentle breeze only enhances the bounce and volume.

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    Photo Credit: Motif Photography

  • Romantic Updo with Floral Crown

    Romantic Updo with Floral Crown

    Juliet would be swooning. This ultra-romantic style’s coup de grace is a fresh and vibrant floral crown. “Brides can achieve an effortless summery look by adding a fresh flower crown and pinning the hair up around the crown,” shares Chow. To make the look feel more modern, pair with a white leather jacket for a hint of rebel gal glam.

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  • Textured Gibson Roll

    Textured Gibson Roll

    It may have a clunky sounding name, reminiscent of something you’d order at a Texan BBQ joint, but don’t be fooled: “Gibson rolls are soft and rustic, yet stay in place well, perfect if ocean spray or humidity is a concern,” explains Chow. Add a pendant or flower at the base of the roll to elevate the look.

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    Photo Credit: Maria Danielle

  • Faux Bob

    Faux Bob

    No haircutting required for this inventive style. Di Bianco explains: “Try on something new with your something blue by pinning up long locks into a faux bob. This look works best for long, curly hair that is prone to tangle and frizz and is a great option for brides who don't like updos but want to keep their hair out of the way to show off detail on back of their gown." Once formal photos are done? You can even let your hair down for a surprise to dazzle guests as you enter your reception. Get a step-by-step tutorial here.

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  • Half Up, Half Down with an Anchored Twist

    Half Up, Half Down with an Anchored Twist

    This nautical-inspired twist doesn’t take away from the billowy length of this pretty half up, half down hairstyle. “This look works slightly curled or loose with waves,” says Redmond. For some sparkle, try a tiara or rhinestone hairpiece.

  • Textured Low Twist Ponytail

    Textured Low Twist Ponytail

    Modern and sexy, this ponytail proves ideal for outdoor nuptials. “Hair is swept off the face and loosely twisted with the ends left out, so it is a hybrid twist and ponytail. It's perfect for the outdoors because natural texture is encouraged and the hair stays off the face!” exclaims Mischa G.

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    Photo courtesy of Bumble and Bumble

  • The Double Bun

    The Double Bun

    It’s hard to outdo the timeless beauty of this classy pulled-back style. Braid your buns one atop the other, or just try simple twists. For a modern take, try playing with volume in the front and adorning the look with a brooch or studded pin.

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    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • Bowtie Bun

    Bowtie Bun

    “Consider this look a version of a bun blossoming into another bun. It is achieved by putting the hair into a ponytail, splitting it in two, and maneuvering the hair into a bow,” explains Barbetto. “It’s simple, clean and looks great on most brides.” To give it some edge, play with bangs or teasing out strands of hair up front.

    Photo courtesy of Grey Likes Weddings

  • Textured Medium Ponytail With Flowers

    Textured Medium Ponytail With Flowers

    Think wavy, beautiful vibes as you walk down the aisle. “A medium high ponytail textured with a curling iron and then pulled back is an uncontrived textured look lifted in the front for that modern elegance,” says Davis. Have your hair poofed up a bit in the front for some extra drama.

    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • Athenian Crown

    Athenian Crown

    Channel Grecian vibes with this braided updo enhanced by a crown of vibrant, green leaves. Do as few or as many braids as you like, but be sure to use hairspray to hold it all together in this fashionable look.

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    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • A Braided Crown

    A Braided Crown

    “Braids are huge now and will hold up to any weather change, even rain!” comments Davis. Try the crown braid: “That’s a big braid that wraps around your head and is quite stunning.” It’ll be a real show-stopper day of and translates beautifully in photos. Add some pizazz with a brooch or headpiece if your dress is understated.

  • Curled Tresses with a Half Crown

    Curled Tresses with a Half Crown

    We love how the colorful floral crown really pops in this easy-to-pull-off style that works for hair of all textures. A subtle sideswept twist stays in place securely under the flower crown, even on the most humid of days, and curls move freely, with a cutaway back that adds to the hairstyle’s femininity. 

    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • The Mohawk Braid

    The Mohawk Braid

    Punk rock prom queen? Not quite. This style holds in place well even with wind and humidity. “The mohawk braid is a big braid that goes down the middle of your head; you can add more hair to embellish the braid, and you can fan out the braid to make it more dramatic,” offers Davis. To make it more edgy, really play up the contrast between the braid and your hair matted down to your head like a traditional mohawk, or go for a more subtle look with one big braid set against smaller, swept back side braids, as pictured here.

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    Photo Credit: Chloe Moore Photography via Hair and Makeup by Kim from Nicol Artistry Makeup

  • Half Back with Styled Curls

    Half Back with Styled Curls

    Charleston beckons, y’all. A little more stylized than simple beach waves in a half up, half down ‘do, this look exudes southern charm. This elegant way to wear your hair half pulled back proves just as idyllic for a garden wedding as it does for an outdoor wedding in the center of a bustling city. 

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    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • Messy Roll with Flowers

    Messy Roll with Flowers

    Who said messy had to be sloppy? Far from it — this elaborate look is accentuated by exotic flowers, peeking out behind the ear, for a glamorous look that translates stunningly in photos. 

    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • Wrapped Updo with Glitz

    Wrapped Updo with Glitz

    Get your shine on with the help of a statement brooch that pulls together this coiffed hairdo that’s retro without feeling dated. Since your hair will be away from your face, wear earrings that riff on the design of your hairpiece, or keep it simple with plain studs.

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  • Half Up, Half Down with Flowing Curls

    Half Up, Half Down with Flowing Curls

    Ultra romantic, this gorgeous style shines with wavy beauty, ideal for an outdoor wedding. Don’t forget the hairspray! “Set hair with medium rollers spray before you roll, let down with lots of volume like a mane, and pull the front half back and away from your face. Make sure you have enough volume but, of course, you want this to suit your own taste,” states Davis.

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    Photo Credit: Closer to Love on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

  • Statement Side Braid with Flowers

    Statement Side Braid with Flowers

    You’ll fit right in with the lush landscape of your wedding with this playful side braid that spotlights fresh flowers in an almost hidden way. If you've got ombre hair or highlights, we love the way this style plays up the color of your locks.

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    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • Doubled-Braided Low Chignon

    Doubled-Braided Low Chignon

    This statement hairdo exudes romantic allure. “The hair is braided on both sides off of the part and then wrapped into a chignon at the base of the neck and slightly off centered,” says Mischa G. “ An effortless elegance for the outdoors!”

    Photo courtesy of Bumble and Bumble

  • The Bombshell Braided Updo

    The Bombshell Braided Updo

    This look has bombshell allure that’s hard to match: A combination of messy braids, eye-catching highlights, and tucked-in flowers steal the show in this dramatic look that somehow doesn’t look like it’s trying to hard. And if the wind blows a few wisps out of place at your outside wedding, it looks even better.

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    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • Rapunzel Curls with a Floral Crown

    Rapunzel Curls with a Floral Crown

    Does anything say summertime quite like fresh flowers? By turning the crown to the side, you’ll also ensure swoonworthy photos. “For this look, the hair is loosely curled, pulled out with your fingers, and pulled back a bit from your face. Floral elements give a woodsy, exotic, or even rustic feel depending on what type you go for,” explains Barbetto.

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  • Messy Braided Crown

    Messy Braided Crown

    “This look achieves a soft and ethereal feeling,” comments Mischa G. “Hair is off the neck and loosely braided around the head, then roughed up to make it look more lived in.” Keep it classic with a three-strand braid, or mix things up with a French braid or Dutch braids.

  • Side Part with Flowers

    Side Part with Flowers

    Simply moving the part off to the side gives this innocent look adorned with flowers a bit of a sexy edge. Let your hair hang below in loose waves for a Boho feel that would make Lauren Conrad swoon. 

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    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • A Rock

    A Rock 'n Roll Braid

    “For the non-traditional bride, a faux hawk braid provides a sassy interpretation of a classic updo,” offers Di Bianco. “Not only does it help keep you cool by keeping your hair off your face and neck stylishly, but this soft, funky style looks even better as the wedding wears on." Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some starlight partying to do...

    Photo Credit: Melissa Kruse

  • Side-Slicked Hair

    Side-Slicked Hair

    Ah, the joys of having elegant, carefree, short hair (not to mention the amount of shampoo you save!). “For this look, the hair is set and the combed out to one side and can be fastened with a braid, if desired,” says Barbetto. “This classic look is the epitome of classy and youthful.”

    Photo Credit: Marie-Lou & D

  • Low Ponytail

    Low Ponytail

    Brush your pony off to the side for a simple romantic look, and fasten the base of the pony behind your ear. “To achieve a more modern, clean look, go for straightened hair with a classic middle part, pulled back into a low ponytail,” offers Redmond.

  • Soft Rolls

    Soft Rolls

    “Vintage-inspired weddings call for dreamy details like soft rolls, which can be created with shorter hair lengths that might not otherwise be long enough for an upstyle,” says Di Bianco. “These styles work best with smooth strands, so prep by blow drying with a large round brush and a thermal protectant to help seal out humidity and seal in shine.” This '20s-style look pairs perfectly with any of these vintage-inspired wedding ideas!

    Photo Credit: Steven Patenaude

  • Interlocking Twists

    Interlocking Twists

    This look shows off drama in just about the best way imaginable. Sculpted twists are seamlessly interlocked to create a look that withstands breeze, ocean spray, and more. You’ll love all those shots of you from behind, capturing the ‘do in all its intricate, coiffed glory.

    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

  • A Braided Crown with Flowers

    A Braided Crown with Flowers

    This pretty statement-making hairstyle will wow friends and family as you walk down the aisle. “It’s great for brides getting married outdoors to try a versatile look that can transition from an updo outside during the ceremony and then partially taken down for an indoor dinner reception,” advises Redmond. Here, it’s easy to remove the flowers come party time and even take out the braids to let hair swing freely.

  • No-Effort Curls

    No-Effort Curls

    Look like you rolled out of bed looking ready for the red carpet with this breezy, light hairstyle that allows you to be playful with volume. Accessorize, if you’d like, with flowers, a brooch, or a bold clip. For an extra hint of romance in photos, let a few tendrils fall over your face as you look into your new hubby’s eyes for some up-close shots.

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    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

50 Best Bridal Hairstyles for Outdoor Weddings

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