25 Best Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

From braided updos to low-key waves, these gorgeous wedding-chic hairstyles will make your bridesmaids shine on your wedding day.

By: Perri O. Blumberg

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  • French Twist

    French Twist

    Understated yet refined, choose hair pieces or a flower in the same color for your bridesmaids to give this look a clean visual appeal. “The French twist is a go-to classic look, if you are aiming for elegance. Nothing says chic like this hairstyle!” offers Barbetto.

  • Swept French Twist

    Swept French Twist

    “This is a clean look,” says Davis. “Your hair gets brushed all to one side, and then brush the other side into the other (it should look like a mohawk). Then you can get a hair sponge and start braiding from the top and roll all the way down and pin as you go until complete.” 

    Photo courtesy celebrity hair designer Andre Davis

  • '70s Curls

    “For graying or more mature bridesmaids, ditch the hippie look and instead go for a curling iron set, reminiscent of an old-school wet set from the 70s,” suggests Givens.  “The finished look is ultra soft and sophisticated and adds shine (hair tends to look dryer as it ages) and a deeper, more permanent wave.”

    Photo Credit: Casey Connell

  • Bohemian Waves

    Bohemian Waves

    Think beyond beachside nuptials for this organic, natural look: “Loose, relaxed bohemian styles are all the rage for bridesmaids,” says Givens. You probably tossed that crimping iron in high school: Braid straight hair the night before, and take it out in the morning; let curly hair dry naturally, and finger-brush for texture. Use product to let set, if you’d like, or go completely au naturel.

    Photo courtesy of Corals And Cognacs

  • Low Chignon

    Low Chignon

    “A low chignon is a sleek wedding take on the messy bun your besties rock at the gym,” says Givens. Pro-tip: Make sure to curl hair first so the style looks romantic and relaxed rather than sloppy. 

  • Fishtail Braid

    Fishtail Braid

    “Fishtail braids look fab for 'maids!” exclaims hairstylist Damon Givens, of The Stile Bar at Mukha Spa and Stile Salon at Easton in Columbus, Ohio. “Separate the section of hair to be braided into two parts, pull in the section from right, and lay it over the left section, and repeat left to right over and over until all hair is braided.” Want a little more definition? Use your thumbs along both sides of the braid to ruche and separate and you’ll get added texture.

  • Bun


    We love the always-in-style bun for your 'maids. It pairs especially well if you choose to wear your hair down and flowing. “It’s an easy updo that is the epitome of sophisticated. When we pull back our hair, it draws attention to the profile of the face,” says Rocco Barbetto, Creative Director of New York City’s Marie-Lou & D.

  • High Knot Chignon

    High Knot Chignon

    “This look is brushed to the top of your head. You make a ponytail, and you wrap it around the base of the ponytail, before fanning it out a bit and pinning,“ says celebrity hair designer Andre Davis. "Great for all the dancing your merry maids will be doing, since the pins secure the look tightly in place!”

    Photo Credit: Sugarlove Photography

  • Hidden Eye

    Hidden Eye

    Think vintage, Gatsby-infused perfection for your 'maids with this one, and make their waves super throwback with large, voluminous curls: “This style gathers hair to one side, while the waves of hair overlap over one eye. Think Veronica Lake, very glam!” remarks Barbetto. It makes for a dramatic look when they prance down the aisle, but don’t worry, come photo time, they can sweep the waves away from their face.

    Photo Credit: Amber Weiner Photography via Hair and Makeup by Steph

  • Elegant Soft Knots

    Elegant Soft Knots

    Put a twist on a classic, single knot for your bridal party: “Take two separate sides, and tease each side. Tie them into a knot and secure with hairpins — not a bobby pin, you want it to still feel loose and natural and not be fastened into place,” explains Givens. Or, try three soft buns for a similar concept and a free-spirited, playful feel.

    Photo courtesy of Running On Happiness

  • Plaited Hairdo

    Plaited Hairdo

    Sleek fishtail? Fancy halo braid? Up to you and your glam squad of gals. But this style works particularly well for a group with highlighted hair: “The many colors of tresses are best accentuated with the texturized style of braiding,” comments Givens.

  • Statement Braid

    Statement Braid

    A great option if you want your bridesmaids to all have unique looks with one thing holding it together: Simply pick a thickness and a side for the braid (French braids looks wonderful, too), and then each bridesmaid can choose an individual hairstyle from there (updo, half up-half down, etc.). “Braiding is one of the hottest styles out right now. A braid can be incorporated in so many different looks and adds texture and appeal to any,” says Barbetto.

    Photo Credit: Marianne Taylor

  • Beyoncé Curls

    Beyoncé Curls

    Because yes, that’s a thing. “For Beyoncé curls, grab 1.5-inch sections of hair and curl snugly with a 1/2-inch wand (a wand is like a curling iron but has no clip),” explains Givens. “After it’s well curled, let each tendril go and gently finger pick the scalp, then spray with dry shampoo to create loads of curly texture and a tousled look.” Try it swept up and secured with a hair tie, or let curls hang freely.

  • Bangs


    If your 'maids are all up for a daring new look, this is for you: “Bangs are back and very big right now. But if you do wedding-day bangs, have them freshly cut the day before the wedding. Bangs grow super fast, and you want a smart, crisp line that beautifully frames the face and accentuates eyes and cheekbones,” Givens cautions. Forgo bangs in your personal bridal look to draw attention to the contrast between you and your bridal party in photos.

  • Top Knot

    Top Knot

    All you need are your girls — and a nice ribbon for them to secure this look in place. “The top knot is such a versatile style. It can be made into different looks,” says Barbetto, such as turning it into a bow bun or playing with volume. Try sleek and held tightly in place for a more elegant look, or a bit tousled and teased out for something more beach-inspired.

    Photo courtesy of Grey Likes Weddings

  • Double Twist

    Double Twist

    We can’t get over how glamorous this look is, with a serious dose of photographic appeal: “Double twist two separate sections, tie off with a clear band at the ends, then ruche to distress the twist and finish by fastening with bobby pins close to the head. Overlap or cross up the two twists to create your own unique designs,” suggests Givens. Every girl can enjoy her own unique, well, twist on this stunning hairstyle. Have fun with it!

  • Big Teased Hair

    Big Teased Hair

    Accessorize a simple dress with statement hair. “Hair has to be teased in a big, over-exaggerated way to work for weddings,” advises Givens. “Unless it’s teased properly, hair won't go into the style and will just go limp and flat. Tease it big from the scalp at least four inches out (more is even better), then just gently brush the top layer of hair into a smooth style.”

  • French Braid

    French Braid

    Working with a group of gals who like to pump up the volume? Cupid’s hairstyle bow and scissors have struck: “This gives some volume in the front,” says Davis. Fan out the braid to the end and tie with a simple band or embellished rhinestone piece to complete the style. Or, sweep your french braid off to the side for a sultry, romantic look.

    Photo Credit: First City Events

  • Retro Updo

    Retro Updo

    A chic way to nod at classic wedding-day tastefulness: “Try a Jackie O.-inspired look with an updo reminiscent of the classic 1960s bouffant; Tease it up, smooth it, curl the ends out, and add dry shampoo spray and soft lacquer for a beautiful bouffant,” says Givens.

  • Cicogne


    This gorgeous hairstyle will accentuate your bridesmaids’ necks. “It’s essentially an open tube that goes from one end to the other forming a crown around your head,” comments Barbetto.

    Photo courtesy of Once Wed

  • Classic Twist

    Classic Twist

    “Twists are another great look for bridesmaids,” says Givens. “They add texture and complement that soft, sophisticated look that's ideal for any wedding day. Start at the base by the scalp and gain control. Twist all hair tightly together, then fasten to the scalp with bobby pins; it's like a ponytail but with a soft, curling twist.”

    Photo courtesy of Love Maegan

  • Brooch Hairpiece

    Brooch Hairpiece

    Up or down, a brooch really elevates an everyday style to wedding-day status. “Older pieces go beautifully with the boho ‘lived-in’ look that's so hot right now for beautifully worn texture,” adds Givens.

  • Side-Swept Hair

    Side-Swept Hair

    Having all your 'maids brush their hair to one side and wear down makes for a dramatic look that isn’t too over-the-top. “Side swoops are also particularly great for redheads, due to the multidimensional color of their hair," says Givens. "Use a wave iron, a flat iron, or curling iron to add bonus curl and waves.”

    Photo courtesy of Grey Likes Weddings

  • Soft Beach Waves

    Soft Beach Waves

    This laid-back look is timeless. And it’s simple as it is gorgeous: “Have your bridesmaids part their hair in sections and use a medium curling iron to take on 4-inch square parts. Curl wrap loosely around your finger and pin. Repeat until finished, take the pins out and have them run through fingers though and they’re done!” exclaims Davis.

  • Slicked-Back Hair

    Slicked-Back Hair

    Have your bridesmaids pull off volume combined with understated glamour in a practically no-effort look: “Have your 'maids tease hair up high, then smooth with a brush and slick back the sides with lacquer for a look that’s pure elegance,” says Givens.

    Photo Credit: NGG Studio

  • Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

    Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

    A classic French braid. A show-stopping ballet bun. Long, loose waves flowing freely down the back. With so many swoonworthy looks, how’s  a girl ever supposed to choose? Excepts this time, we’re not talking your perfect wedding day hairstyle. Today, it’s all about your gaggle of gals. Your friends who have been there through all kinds of thick, single, broken up, broken upwards and thin: Your bridesmaids! From accessorizing with flowers to dramatic updos, there’s really no shortage of excellent hairstyles to use for your throng of belles. But how do you have them looking absolutely stunning while still complementing (real talk: not upstaging you) your look on your big day? We tapped top stylists with loads of bridal experience for the best bridal looks for bridesmaids. Read on, and get pinning!

25 Best Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

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