At-Home Spa Products to Help You Relax & Retreat

Bring paradise to your doorstep with these indulgent at-home body-care essentials.


Brush Up

Nourish skin with dry body oil perfumed in tropical flavors and moisturizing cocoa butter. After massaging into skin, exfoliate using a body brush to increase circulation and bring on a healthy glow from head to toe. Try: Go-To ExceptionOil and Karmameju Recharge Ionic Body Brush

go to exceptional oilkarmameju recharge iconic body brush

Buff Out

Reveal radiant skin with this unique, in-shower body scrub that simultaneously hydrates while buffing away dullness, leaving you silky smooth and smelling deliciously fruity. Try: Dove Exfoliating Body Polish in Kiwi Seeds & Cool Aloe

dove exfoliating body polish in kiwi seeds and cool aloe

Bubble Duty

Enliven tub time with a soothing bath bomb overflowing with essential oils. Watch as it instantly dis- solves into frothy shades of blue, transporting you to a calming, vacation state of mind. Try: Soap & Paper Factory Muddled Peppermint Bath Balm

soap and paper factory muddled peppermint bath balm

Balm Down

Nothing beats lathering newly cleansed skin in a creamy body lotion featuring warm, floral notes sure to have you feeling and smelling fresh as a flower. Try: AERIN Hibiscus Palm Body Cream

aerin hibiscus palm body cream

Fresh & Sweet

For dry, sensitive skin that needs some extra love, an exfoliating sponge made of soothing plant fiber and detoxifying pink clay will do the trick. Try: One Love Organics Pink Clay Heart Cleansing Sponge

one love organics pink clay heart cleansing sponge

Mrs. Clean

Wipe away stress and reenergize using a refreshing citrus body cleanser. Infused with purifying tea tree and free of parabens and sulfates, this wash keeps both you and the environment clean. Try: Love Beauty and Planet Tea Tree & Vetiver Body Wash

love beauty and planet tea tree and vetiver body wash

Make Scents

Invigorate your senses with a spa-like bath of lavender, eucalyptus and sea salt. Sprinkle into water and instantly feel its calming aroma dissolve your pre-wedding worries away. Try: Herbivore Detox Soaking Salts

herbivore detox soaking salts