Find Your Perfect Wedding Nail Polish

Details, details! Pick the perfect polish to pair with your bouquet for elegant aisle style.


pearl nail polish and bridal bouquet

Take your mani to the next level with an interesting texture — like this pearly glitter formula that can be worn solo or as an overlay to enliven any mono-colored bouquet. Our pick: Butter LONDON Nail Polish in Dolly Overcoat. Bouquet by Little Glass Slipper.


pink bouquet and nail polish

From ballet slipper to bubblegum, pinks are for the true romantic. Appropriate in all seasons, an effervescent rosy hue will look ultra-sweet coupled with a pretty blush tone bouquet. Our pick: NCLA Pinks Lacquer in Pink Champagne. Bouquet by Little Glass Slipper.


crimson nail polish and bouquet

Let your inner glamour girl shine with a rich, iridescent wine shade. This unexpected tone will add a touch of sultry and bring full-on drama to a classic all-red bouquet. Our pick: Nars Crème Finish Nail Polish in Chinatown. Bouquet by Bridget Vizoso Design.


black nail polish and bridal bouquet

Rock a unique shade on your big day with a feminine alternative to jet-black that is sophisticated in style. Deep, bold and beautiful green hues pop when paired with a muted bouquet and lush accents. Our pick: Marc Jacobs Beauty Nail Polish in Nirvana. Bouquet by Bardin Palomo