Beauty Obsession: Click n Curl

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If, like me, you spend considerable time styling your hair each day with a hair dyer and roller brush you know the drill: Roll a section of hair, heat with dryer, use cool shot, wait for hair to cool then repeat rolling each section of hair until finished. Even if you use two roller brushes the whole process is time-consuming. But I’ve recently discovered a fantastic new product, Click n Curl, that’s quick and easy to use and reduces prep time considerably. 

click n curl large


These genius sets, $49.99, available in small, medium and large brush sizes, come with a detachable handle that turns the brush heads into rollers. Simply roll a section of hair, heat it with your hair dryer and then detach the handle with an easy release button and let the rolled hair cool down on its own. Attach the handle to the other brush heads and continue rolling and detaching the handle; leave the brushes in to cool as you put your make up on or make another cup of coffee. The brush heads are super-light and won’t weigh hair down, and the result is fantastic.

click n curl
Medium set

click n curl
Small set

It gave my fine, flat hair lots of volume (trust me, not an easy feat) and the brush heads were incredibly easy to remove — no pulling, stretching or breaking of hair. You can order additional rollers in a set of four for $30.00 (handle not included) or build your own set with whatever size brushes you prefer: Each brush costs $8 and the detachable handle is $3. Plus, the ceramic coating on the brushes not only minimizes frizz, but also allows for fast heating and quick cooling. So check out Click n Curl and enjoy a good hair day every day.

—Diane Forden