25 Winter Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Whether your winter wedding fantasies involve an ice castle rivaling Elsa's or a cozy log cabin with a blazing fire, we have 25 gorgeous ideas for your cold-weather ceremony.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Spectacular Views

    Spectacular Views

    Take it to the slopes! Guests will almost forget about the cold with a view like this.

  • Frosted Branches

    Frosted Branches

    Make your ceremony look like a snow-covered street with lamp posts, branches, and floral boxes all dressed in white. 

    Photo Credit: Make Be Leaves

  • Let it Snow

    Let it Snow

    After your first kiss as a married couple, let it snow for a magical effect your guests will love.

    Photo Credit: Theilen Photography

  • Candlelit Aisle

    Candlelit Aisle

    Light the way with amber-hued candles for a romantic glow.

    Photo Credit: Cory Ryan Photography

  • Natural Inspiration

    Natural Inspiration

    Pinecones, swags of greenery, and floating candles create the perfect winter vibe.

  • Frosty Night

    Frosty Night

    A stark white aisle glows like snow against a frosty blue background.

  • Twinkling Lights

    Twinkling Lights

    Strands of lights and dozens of candles come together to create a luxe, romantic look.

  • Frosted Branches

    Frosted Branches

    An arch made of frosted branches with gold and red leaves really pops against a rustic ceremony backdrop. 

  • Among the Evergreens

    Among the Evergreens

    Dress up your backdrop with simple evergreens in varying heights, with floating candles lining the aisle. 

  • Swags of Greenery

    Swags of Greenery

    An oversized wreath and cascading garland, paired with simple white candles, create an elegant wintry ceremony space.

    Photo Credit: Ulmer Studios

  • Swim & Ski

    Swim & Ski

    Install a stage over a pool for a breathtaking ceremony aisle your guests won't be able to stop talking about.

    Photo Credit: Jenna Lee Pictures

  • Cozy Lodge

    Cozy Lodge

    From the gorgeous lighting to the "snow"-covered benches, this ceremony setup is so inviting. 

  • Candlelit Aisle

    Candlelit Aisle

    Turn down the lights and illuminate your ceremony only with candles and some spotlights on your backdrop for a romantic glow. 

  • Let it Snow

    Let it Snow

    Dust your aisle with flower petal confetti for a snowy look.

  • Twinkling Lights

    Twinkling Lights

    Pair your twinkling lights with crystal accents to perfectly reflect the winter spirit.

    Photo Credit: Red Letter Days

  • Add Some Sparkle

    Add Some Sparkle

    From the sequined aisle to the glamorous lights, everything about this ceremony space sparkles.

  • In the Mountains

    In the Mountains

    If you and your guests can brave the cold, you can take advange of spectacular views.

    Photo Credit: Lis Photography

  • Holiday Inspired

    Holiday Inspired

    Dress up your backdrop with greenery, poinsettias, and berries. 

    Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

  • Bring the Outdoors In

    Bring the Outdoors In

    Always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, but not in the dead of winter? Bring the outdoors in with a greenery wall accented with flowers.

  • Illuminated Aisle

    Illuminated Aisle

    Light up your aisle with a rich wintry pattern, like damask.

    Photo Credit: Rhee Bevere

  • Among the Evergreens

    Among the Evergreens

    A bevy of Christmas trees makes a beautiful wedding backdrop. 

  • Projected Trees

    Projected Trees

    Get the look for less by using a projector to add trees to your wedding backdrop.

    Photo Credit: Coburn Photography

  • Fireside Vows

    Fireside Vows

    Keep it cozy by exchanging vows in front of a fireplace.

  • Swags of Greenery

    Swags of Greenery

    Say "I do" beneath an arch covered in greenery and a touch of red leaves.

    Photo Credit: Tracye's Photography

  • Winter Forest

    Winter Forest

    Transform your ceremony into an enchanted forest with trees covering the aisle and plenty of blue uplighting.

    Photo Credit: John Labbe

25 Winter Wedding Ceremony Ideas

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