Arrive in Style: 25 Wedding Transportation Ideas

Think beyond the classic limousine when it comes to your wedding transportation! Here, some of the most creative ideas we've seen.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Tractor


    Hosting a rustic wedding? Get your guests excited for some fun on the farm by making your ceremony exit in a tractor.

  • Train


    Take advantage of public transportation and hop aboard a train.

    Photo Credit: Mulberry Lane Studio

  • School Bus

    School Bus

    Borrow a school bus to transport your guests.

    Photo Credit: J. Wiley Photography

  • Trolley


    An open-air trolley is a charming choice for a summer wedding.

    Photo Credit: Azelle Photography

  • Luxury Car

    Luxury Car

    You'll feel like royalty arriving at your reception in a Rolls-Royce.

  • Vintage Convertible

    Vintage Convertible

    Take a ride in the classic Ford Thunderbird.

  • Antique Car

    Antique Car

    Hosting a vintage wedding? Travel in style in a '20s-era car.

    Photo Credit: Thurston Photography

  • Back of a Pickup Truck

    Back of a Pickup Truck

    Gather all of your groomsmen in the back of a pickup truck (make sure to check your state's laws first).

    Photo Credit: Dalisa Jo Photography

  • Hayride


    Getting married on a farm? Travel across the pastures aboard a horse-drawn hayride.

    Photo Credit: Orange Photographie

  • Horse-Drawn Carriage

    Horse-Drawn Carriage

    You'll feel like Cinderella in this classic carriage.

  • Sleigh Ride

    Sleigh Ride

    Take advantage of a snowy wedding day with this ultra-romantic transportation idea.

    Photo Credit: Rebekah Westover

  • Snowboards


    Having a mountainside wedding? Ski or snowboard down the slopes!

  • On Foot

    On Foot

    Travel New Orleans-style with your very own brass band leading your group.

  • Horseback


    Make a princess-worthy entrance on a horse.

  • Elephant Ride

    Elephant Ride

    Up the wow-factor with an elephant ride.

  • Golf Cart

    Golf Cart

    Ride across the country club in a golf cart.

  • Vespa


    Zip away from your wedding on a scooter.

    Photo Credit: The Melideos

  • Bicycle


    Ride off into the sunset on a bicycle built for two.

    Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

  • Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon

    Make a dramatic exit in a hot air balloon.

    Photo Credit: Liz Cowie Photography

  • Paddleboarding


    Perfect for an adventurous couple, row your way across the water on paddleboards (just make sure you practice a lot before the big day!).

  • Sail Boat

    Sail Boat

    Set sail aboard a beautiful boat.

    Photo Credit: Alea Lovely

  • Canoe


    Row across the lake with your nearest and dearest.

    Photo Credit: Brawns Photography

  • Speedboat


    Gather in the back of a motor boat with your bridal party.

    Photo Credit: Jacilyn M.

  • Flower-Covered Carriage

    Flower-Covered Carriage

    Don't forget about your flower girl's transportation! A floral-covered carriage is the perfect fit.

    Photo Credit: AltF Photography

  • Battery-Operated Car

    Battery-Operated Car

    And let your ring bearer take the wheel in a motorized car.

    Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

Arrive in Style: 25 Wedding Transportation Ideas