25 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Bar

Let's face it — once your reception gets up and running, your watering hole (a.k.a. your bar) is the number one spot your guests will gravitate toward, so you better make sure it not only looks good but is serving refreshments that are up to par. From self-serve stations and stunning set-ups to signature drinks and personalized touches, these fun bar ideas will leave your guests thirsty for more.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Glam


    A chic bar with a little glitz and gold is just what your glam Art Deco wedding needs. Guests won’t be able to miss this beauty. 

    Photo Credit: Kristin LaVoie

  • Kegger


    Who says kegs are only for college kids? Place them in a canoe with beers of your choice to add some personality to a casual reception.

  • Vintage Tub

    Vintage Tub

    A vintage clawfoot tub makes a antique chic alternative to a bar stand for an outdoor wedding so your guests can grab and go!

  • Semi Circle

    Semi Circle

    The circular shape of this richly distressed bar creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, ideal for guests to gather 'round in celebration.

    Photo Credit: Jessica Lynne Studios

  • Dispensers


    Put your fruity drinks in a glass jar dispenser for a punch of color so your guests can quench their thirst quickly and easily.

  • Cupboard


    A wooden cabinet makes for a charming self-serve bar, complete with canisters of drinks, wine glasses, and playful dish towels. Your guests will feel right at home.

  • Cocktail Napkins

    Cocktail Napkins

    Personalize your cocktail napkins with a cute quip or your wedding date for a little flair and personalization.

  • Champagne Bar

    Champagne Bar

    Elegant and glamorous with gold accents, this champagne bar also exudes a touch of whimsy with a scripted sign and glasses full of bubble wands for the double entendre.

    Photo Credit: Justine Ungaro

  • Canoe Shelves

    Canoe Shelves

    A barnwood bar complete with canoes transformed into liquor shelves gives a solid nod to lake life.

  • Beer Tap

    Beer Tap

    Nothing says "chill"  like free-flowing beer from a rustic tap — your guests will love these easy pints.

    Photo Credit: The Melideos

  • Bar Menu

    Bar Menu

    The food isn’t the only thing that calls for a menu. Display a listing of the night’s drink choices front and center so guests can pick their poison by the time they reach the bar. The line will move that much faster! 

    Photo Credit: Emily Wren Photography

  • Sangria Station

    Sangria Station

    Show off the fruits of sangria in sleek and elegant dispensers for a refreshing and inviting look perfect for a backyard affair. 

    Photo Credit: Alixann Loosle

  • Punch Bowl

    Punch Bowl

    A punch bowl is an easy and friendly way for guests to self-serve the night’s libations. This antique bowl, serving up a vibrant maple bourbon cocktail set atop a mahogany table, instantly classes up this punch.

  • Mobile Bar

    Mobile Bar

    This vintage camper pays homage to the era of free love, providing a whimsical yet refined option for a bohemian-themed wedding. 

  • Bar Cart

    Bar Cart

    We love this mod bar cart reminiscent of Mad Men, perfect for a glam 1960s-inspired intimate affair.

    Photo Credit: Tuan B & Co.

  • Minimalist Design

    Minimalist Design

    A marble top bar set on geometric legs under a steel canopy has a minimalist feel made complete by an overhang of cascading greenery.

    Photo Credit: Anna Kim Photography

  • Lemons and Limes

    Lemons and Limes

    There’s no such thing as going overboard on the garnishes! Use them for function and aesthetics to bring a pop of color to your bar.

    Photo Credit: Jen Rodriguez

  • Ladder


    Place planks across two adjacent ladders and adorn them with bottles and glasses for a rustic, yet sophisticated, look.

    Photo Credit: Studio 1208

  • Jugs


    A glass jug adds a bit of magic that no other dispenser or bottle can, especially when added to a fall-themed wedding. Let the color of your drink complement the surrounding tablescape and mood.

  • Ice Cubes

    Ice Cubes

    DIY your ice cubes — freeze them with mint leaves (or any garnish of your choice) inside for an extra dose of fun! It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to add a cute detail to your bar experience.

    Photo Credit: 17Apart

  • His and Her Cocktails

    His and Her Cocktails

    Create signature drinks inspired by both of your fave beverages. His-and-her cocktails are a fun way to personalize your wedding.

    Photo Credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings

  • Witty Signs

    Witty Signs

    Infuse a bit of humor into your bar area with funny sayings or cheeky one-liners.

    Photo Credit: Rachel Solomon

  • Wine Bar

    Wine Bar

    Lush vines, a variety of wines, and sparkling goblets set atop a wooden table makes an ideal drink station for an alfresco Tuscan-inspired reception.

  • Wagon


    With an old-fashioned wagon transformed into a bar cart and an antique desk organizer playing home to some ale, this bar set-up is rich in southern sweetness.

    Photo Credit: Michelle March

  • The Dog Tail

    The Dog Tail

    Want Fido in the mix? Throw in a signature cocktail for him, too.

    Photo Credit: Erin Kate Photography

25 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Bar

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