20 Stunning Centerpieces from Real Weddings

From cascading floral arrangements to champagne bottles, find all of the inspiration you need for your big day with these fun focal points. 

By: Emily Goldman

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  • Pink and Gold

    Pink and Gold

    Take the opportunity to have fun with your centerpieces and floral arrangement by having flowers spill over the vase, or in this case, goblet. 

    Photo credit: Rach Loves Troy

  • Small but Mighty

    Small but Mighty

    When opting for smaller centerpieces, go with an impactful color, like orange.

    Photo Credit: Ozzy Garcia

  • Bigger is Better

    Bigger is Better

    The bigger, the better when it comes to florals like this. Opt for a transparent vase so guests can see and speak to one another without having to climb over the table. 

    Photo Credit: Brett Matthews Photography

  • Hollywood Glam

    Hollywood Glam

    Stray from traditional vases and pick something with a bit of height like this gorgeous piece with overflowing flowers. 

    Photo: Chard Photography

  • More is More

    More is More

    Mix your colorful flowers with opulent candlesticks for an elevated, regal look. 

    Photo Credit: Nadia D Photography

  • Garden Table Party

    Garden Table Party

    Nothing feels more right at an outdoor wedding than seasonal, local plants.

    Photo Credit: Tomasz Wagner

  • Hot Pinks

    Hot Pinks

    When keeping flower arrangements small, choose colorful flowers that pack a punch.

    Photo Credit: Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

  • Popping Bottles

    Popping Bottles

    Keep things simple, yet fun, with mini champagne bottles that double as table decorations and favors.

    Photo Credit: Kirstyn Marie Photography

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers

    Tie together your table numbers with your centerpiece to save space, and add beauty. 

    Photo: Phoebe Neel – Ephemera Designs 

  • Bejeweled


    Add some crystals to spice up a classic bouquet. 

    Photo Credit: Pasha Belman Photography

  • Luxe


    Coordinate your vase to the color of your flowers, and your place settings for a put-together, cohesive focal point. 

    Photo Credit: Hendrick Moy Photography

  • Candlelight


    Line your table with tea candles for a home-y, well-lit evening. 

    Photo Credit: Tracy Timmester Photography 

  • Silver Styling

    Silver Styling

    Dress your table in silver, from your place settings to your candle sticks, to the vases.

    Photo Credit: Lauren Ross

  • Color Coordinated

    Color Coordinated

    Add candle holders and small vases in a vibrant hue for an impactful tablescape. 

    Photo Credit: Damion Hamilton

  • Floral Fiesta

    Floral Fiesta

    From above and below, entice guests' sense of smell and sight with beautiful flowers hanging above and on the table. 

    Photo Credit: Maring Visuals

  • Greenery


    Keep your table simple, yet elegant with light greenery. 

    Photo Credit: Gertrude & Mabel Photography

  • Flowers of All Sizes

    Flowers of All Sizes

    For some fun space play, use both tall and short flower arrangements. 

    Photo Credit: Ashley Garmon Photographers 

  • Pineapple Surprise

    Pineapple Surprise

    Add some fun to your reception décor by placing your favorite whimsical fruit along the table. Bonus: they can double as table number holders!

    Photo Credit: Acqua Photo

  • Symmetry


    For weddings with a single, family-like long table, opt for bright flowers in a row.

    Photo Credit: Acqua Photo

  • Floating Flowers

    Floating Flowers

    For a beach-themed wedding, try floating flowers in a clear vase filled with water.

    Photo Credit: Sacha Blackburne Photography

20 Stunning Centerpieces from Real Weddings

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