40+ Adorable Pics to Take With Your Ring Bearer

Asking a relative, friend's son, or your own child to play the role of ring bearer on your big day? Include a few special photo ops just for them. We've rounded up some of the most memorable shots featuring little lads from real weddings!

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By: Stefania Sainato

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  • With the Flower Girl

    With the Flower Girl

    Whether they are smitten or can't stand one another, the ring bearer and flower girl interacting with one another is bound to result in some priceless photographs.

  • Portrait With the Bride

    Portrait With the Bride

    A bride scoops the ring bearer up into her arms in this too-cute-for-words shot.

  • Holding the Rings

    Holding the Rings

    Don't forget to ask your photographer to include a photo of the ring bearer holding his precious cargo! This detail often goes unmissed.

  • Give Me Five

    Give Me Five

    A ring bearer goes in for the high five.

  • Masked Identity

    Masked Identity

    A group of tots breaks out the masks and capes for an action-packed photo.

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  • Showing Off Their Outfit

    Showing Off Their Outfit

    With his newsboy cap, checkered vest and pants, and classy bow tie, this ring bearer is feeling his stylish look.

  • Cruise Control

    Cruise Control

    The steering wheel might be bigger than his head, but that didn't stop this tyke from giving it a whirl.

  • Ceremony Shenanigans

    Ceremony Shenanigans

    How funny is this ring bearer?!

  • Procession of Signs

    Procession of Signs

    If you go with the more-is-merrier approach, have each ring bearer carry their own prop to spell out a sequence of words.

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  • Lined Up at the House of Worship

    Lined Up at the House of Worship

    We love the juxtaposition between a holy setting and the playfulness of this pew pose. 

  • Aisle Debut

    Aisle Debut

    Front and back shots of your ring bearer walking down the aisle are a must, especially since this is often a pivotal moment that brides don't get to witness for themselves.

    Photo courtesy of Aliana Events

  • Close-Up Shot

    Close-Up Shot

    With a close-up of those baby blues and sheepish grin, this ring bearer has captured our hearts.

    Photo Credit: Linda Chaja Photography / Event Coordination and Design: Magnolia Event Design

  • Paging Ring Security

    Paging Ring Security

    Upgrade your ring bearer to "ring security," official briefcase and all. Position him so that he's in the foreground and the groomsmen are grinning from afar to recreate this fun snapshot.

    Photo Credit: Eric Vest Photography

  • During the Vows

    During the Vows

    A ring bearer contemplates the meaning of marriage in this stoic snapshot.

    Photo Credit: Red Letter Days

  • Ceremony Proceedings

    Ceremony Proceedings

    If you and/or your fiancé have kids together or from a previous relationship, include a special prayer with them at the ceremony or recite vows just for them.

    Photo Credit: Red Letter Days

  • Getting Cheeky

    Getting Cheeky

    This ring bearer kissed the bride on the cheek before the wedding ceremony began.

    Photo Credit: Red Letter Days

  • Portrait With the Groom

    Portrait With the Groom

    Capture the groom and his mini-me with a traditional portrait in all their wedding finery.

  • Portrait


    All smiles! This pose works so well because it keeps hands occupied. Another variation is to have youngsters grip onto their suspenders.

  • Carrying the Train

    Carrying the Train

    Lifting up all those layers of tulle requires arms of steel, but this ring bearer is up for the task.

  • Grooming With the Groom

    Grooming With the Groom

    Lather up with this precious pre-wedding pose.

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  • Help Getting Dressed

    Help Getting Dressed

    Snap a photo of the groom fastening your little guy's tie.

  • Veiled Kiss

    Veiled Kiss

    A veiled smooch tugs at the heartstrings.

  • Leap Of Faith

    Leap Of Faith

    A ring bearer squeals in delight as he's hoisted high up into the air during the party portion of the evening.

    Photo Credit: Tomar Photography

  • Holding a Sign for All to See

    Holding a Sign for All to See

    Ramp up the anticipation by having your ring bearer carry a sign announcing your big aisle debut. Personalize it with the groom's name or wording that indicates how you're related.

  • Aversion to K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    Aversion to K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    Photobombed by the ring bearers and flower girls! We love this silly photo.

  • If the Shoe Fits

    If the Shoe Fits

    A ring bearer charms the socks off the groomsmen.

  • Reception Entrance

    Reception Entrance

    Guests at the reception erupted in laughter once they spotted this adorable ring bearer.

    Photo Credit: Josh Lynn Photography

  • Brotherly Love

    Brotherly Love

    A brother is a built-in bestie for life.

  • Being Silly With the Bride and Groom

    Being Silly With the Bride and Groom

    Don't be afraid to let loose on your wedding day!

  • Carrying the Bouquet

    Carrying the Bouquet

    A bow-tied gentleman triumphantly presents the bouquet to the bride.

    Photo Credit: Trivium Studio Photography / Event Coordination and Design: Antonia Christianson Events

  • Double-Sided Sign

    Double-Sided Sign

    And they flipped it around to read "Ladies, save us a dance" for the recessional!

    Photo Credit: Mi Belle Photographers / Floral Design: Hidden Garden Flowers

  • Double-Sided Sign

    Double-Sided Sign

    In a clever twist, these ring bearers jointly carried a sign reading "Uncle Marsh, here comes your gal" on one side for the processional.

    Photo Credit: Mi Belle Photographers / Floral Design: Hidden Garden Flowers

  • Family Matters

    Family Matters

    Gather your immediate family for an ensemble shot that will be the star of your wedding album.

    Photo Credit: Lindsay Collette / Event Coordination and Design: Antonia Christianson Events

  • Busting a Move on the Dance Floor

    Busting a Move on the Dance Floor

    This ring bearer shows off his best moves on a light-up dance floor.

    Photo Credit: Quetzal Photo

  • Exploring the Venue

    Exploring the Venue

    A sweet swing at a Southern plantation presented the perfect photo op for this duo.

  • Ladies Man

    Ladies Man

    Encircled by adoring bridesmaids, this little fella has all the ladies wrapped around his little finger.

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    Photo via mariee.com.br

  • Carbon Copy

    Carbon Copy

    Simon says, mimic the groom! A ring bearer does his best impersonation in this hilarious wall shot.

  • One Of the Guys

    One Of the Guys

    Rolling with the big boys.

    Photo Credit: Figlewicz Photography

  • Down to Earth

    Down to Earth

    Crouching tiger? No, it's just an adorable ring bearer.

  • Bear Hug

    Bear Hug

    This shot of a bride being bum-rushed by her ring bearers and flower girls gives us all the feels.

    Photo Credit: Sarah DeShaw

  • Altar Ego

    Altar Ego

    Have your ring bearer don his favorite superhero T-shirt underneath his formalwear and reveal his true identity.

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  • First Look

    First Look

    This couple captured an emotional "first look" without breaking tradition by having their son stand in the frame of the doorway, clutching both of their hands.

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    Photo Credit: Aisha Khan of Ama Photography & Cinema

  • Peek-A-Boo


    Or have the ring bearer pop out between the groom's legs for another silly take.

    Photo Credit: Solar Photographers

  • If the Shoe Fits

    If the Shoe Fits

    How darling is this Cinderella-inspired shot?

    Photo Credit: Furla Studio

  • Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After

    The sweetest happily ever after at Disney's Wedding Pavilion.

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  • Sweet Embrace

    Sweet Embrace

    The bride and groom held their little one-year-old peanut between them, resulting in this darling family portrait.

40+ Adorable Pics to Take With Your Ring Bearer

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