50 Photo Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

'Tis the season of the outdoor wedding. If you’re lusting for Mother Nature this wedding spell, you’re not alone. From rippling lakes and dense woodlands to rolling hills and striking mountain views, we’re in a bit of a tizzy over these stunning settings. Whether you’re throwing a bash in the cozy confines of your backyard or traipsing off to the Alps for a destination affair, you’re sure to find some inspiration in these natural photos. If you’re not considering an outdoor wedding yet, you will be.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Love Boat

    Love Boat

    Taken in Monetengro’s romantic countryside, this image surely rowed its way into our hearts. A glassy lake, lush mountains, and love boat send-off with the newlywed couple is straight out of a fairy tale. 

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    Photo Credit: Nice Photography

  • Meadow


    A serene grassy backyard meadow is perfect for the festival-loving couple.

    Photo Credit: Jean-Laurent Gaudy

  • Tangled Trunks

    Tangled Trunks

    Land meets sea in this beautiful juxtaposition. Get resourceful like this couple and use nature as a prop for a creative shot.

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    Photo Credit: Nadia Meli

  • Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry Blossoms

    A cherry blossom tree adds a feminine and romantic frame to any photo.

  • Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    How cute are these umbrellas? This adorable couple knows how to make the most of a rainy day wedding.

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    Photo Credit: K&K Photography

  • Bridge


    The expanse of the surrounding wildlife of the Costa Rican rainforest gives weight to the couple’s moment of unity and peace.

    Photo Credit: Margaux Gamble for Comfort Studio

  • Garden Delights

    Garden Delights

    This couple nails frolicking in a garden.

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    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

  • On the Farm

    On the Farm

    This rustic and darling farm setting is every country bride’s dream.

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  • Stone Wall

    Stone Wall

    Dense foliage and a stone wall has a romantic, old-world feel.

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    Photo Credit: Archetype Studio Inc.

  • Mountain Clearing

    Mountain Clearing

    Candid moments in a mountain clearing make for some jaw-dropping photos.

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  • Natural Sunlight

    Natural Sunlight

    Natural, golden sunlights casts an ethereal glow on this bohemian couple.

    Photo Credit: Katelyn Shanice

  • Riverbeds


    We love how this Big Sur wedding photo captures the trust between these adventurous newlyweds as they guide each other through a rocky riverbed.

    Photo Credit: Ryan Flynn Photography

  • Palm Trees

    Palm Trees

    Tropical Maui’s vibrant palm trees make the perfect archway for this loving couple.

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  • In the Trees

    In the Trees

    A tree’s blurred foliage and branches make the perfect frame, allowing for a peek at a tender moment.

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  • Clifftop


    You can’t get a more daring photo than this clifftop wedding at Yosemite, where the couple tied the knot at the edge of a 1,000-foot drop.

    Photo Credit: Samantha Smith Arroyo

  • Botanical Dreams

    Botanical Dreams

    This botanical sanctuary is a Southern belle’s fantasy.

    Photo Credit: Craft & Record

  • Fields of Fun

    Fields of Fun

    Who said overgrown fields weren’t beautiful? This couple’s romp into the wild looks like pure joy.

    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

  • Reflections


    We’re seeing double in this stunning reflection, mirroring not just the beauty of nature but that of the embrace between bride and groom.

  • Tunnel View

    Tunnel View

    A grove of trees and bit of perspective brings a whole new meaning to tunnel vision. This couple is truly the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Photo Credit: Tyler Branch Photo

  • Rocky Mountains

    Rocky Mountains

    The grass isn’t always greener; more northern locations with a lingering chill in the air make for just as gorgeous backdrops.

    Photo Credit: Irving Photography

  • Swing, Swing

    Swing, Swing

    Bring out your inner child with some playtime on the swings.

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    Photo Credit: Happy Everything Co.

  • Quiet Woods

    Quiet Woods

    Swoon — this couple displays their affection for one another in an intimate, secluded woodsy spot.

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    Photo Credit: Richard Grainger

  • Into the Sun

    Into the Sun

    Sunlight creeping through the shadows of the trees symbolizes the brighter future these newlyweds are heading toward together.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • Desert Life

    Desert Life

    From ravishing cacti to a blush ruffled ballgown beauty, this shot is nothing but trendy. A desert has never looked so good.

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    Photo Credit: Gaby J Photography

  • Enchanted Forest

    Enchanted Forest

    Someone call a fairy godmother — we wish for our wedding photos to look as magical as this prince and princess in their enchanted forest.

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    Photo Credit: Kristen Booth

  • On the Docks

    On the Docks

    A kiss on the docks makes for a perfect summer solstice photo full of natural beauty.

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    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

  • Picnic for Two

    Picnic for Two

    A one-on-one picnic popping the bubbly is a sweet, intimate celebration.

    Photo Credit: Sawyer Baird

  • Landscape Views

    Landscape Views

    We love a couple who can’t take their gaze off one another to even take in a striking view like this Rocky Mountain landscape.

    Photo Credit: Nordica Photography

  • Sunburst


    Bushy trees, rocky boulders, and a grassy slope are lit up with a sunburst, which catches the bride and groom during their finest moment.

    Photo Credit: Connection Photography

  • Island Forest

    Island Forest

    While this glamorous shot looks like it’s straight from the pages of a fashion magazine, it’s actually from the abundant arms of a Hawaiian forest.

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    Photo Credit: June Photography

  • Countryside Whimsy

    Countryside Whimsy

    This countryside walk through the fields glows in a way that’s both whimsical and ethereal.

    Photo Credit: Vellum Studios

  • Cliffside


    These winding cliffs over Muir Beach in Northern California aren’t for the faint of heart — but they are for the brave couple who wants an amazing portrait like this one.

  • Grassy Times

    Grassy Times

    Lounging and laughing in the grasses emits all carefree innocence.

  • River


    A woodland river like this Alaskan setting shows off Mother Nature’s elegance.

    Photo Credit: Erica Rose Photography

  • Tree Stumps

    Tree Stumps

    Need a leg up? A tree stump does the trick.

    Photo Credit: Lillian Photography

  • Rolling Hills

    Rolling Hills

    You can’t get a more breathtaking backdrop than the rolling green hills of a Tuscan villa.

  • The Golden Hour

    The Golden Hour

    Capture your loving moments in the golden hour for an amber romance effect.

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    Photo Credit: Danelle Bohane

  • Woodlands


    A ray of sunshine slicing through the forest trees illuminates this lovestruck couple in pure enchantment.

    Photo Credit: Connection Photography

  • Nature

    Nature's Scenery

    From sky to mountains to water, this incredible shot taken in Vail, Colorado is rich in color and nature.

  • Rustic Beauty

    Rustic Beauty

    This doting couple brings a touch of glam to a rustic Montana landscape.

    Photo Credit: Green Door Photography

  • Dirt Road

    Dirt Road

    This sweet couple embarks down the road to a loving marriage in this garden affair.

  • Lakeside


    With a picturesque setting like this, don't need any extra décor.

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  • Nature Parks

    Nature Parks

    Leafy greenery, a still pond, and wide stone steps are just magic. It’s as if the groom is helping the bride step into her wedding wonderland.

    Photo Credit: Sawyer Baird

  • Waterfalls


    We can’t decide what’s more captivating — the devoted look exchanged between bride and groom or the rushing Icelandic waterfall behind them.

    Photo Credit: Sara Byrne

  • Hay Bales

    Hay Bales

    Cozy moments behind hay bales on a neverending stretch of meadow are befitting for the rustic bride.

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    Photo Credit: Peter & Veronika

  • Gorgeous Skies

    Gorgeous Skies

    Any bohemian bride would dream of a backdrop like this one. With pastel skies mirroring the landscape below it, this portrait looks like it was painted with watercolors. 

  • Lake Love

    Lake Love

    Stolen moments on a lake are captured in a radiant glow of orange, purple, and green.

    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

  • Campground Wedding

    Campground Wedding

    With a trickling turquoise river and deep-hued evergreens, this image is all earthy goodness.

    Photo Credit: Phil Chester

  • Ski Lift

    Ski Lift

    How creative is this couple? This sky-high view of St. Moritz in Switzerland shows nature at its absolute finest.

  • Pastures


    This farm chic shot captures the intensity of the setting sun.

    Photo Credit: Connection Photography

50 Photo Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding