50 Cute Photos to Take With Your Flower Girl

Photo-taking opportunities with the bridesmaids are endless, but don't forget about honoring that other special lady on your big day: your flower girl! Aside from tossing petals down the aisle, you'll want to plan a few fun photos centered around your little one. Precious moments abound with these aww-worthy snapshot ideas.

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  • With Props

    With Props

    Have your flower girl and ring bearer hold up a decorative frame, ask your photographer position you so that you're within the frame, and snap away!

    Photo Credit: Renaissance Studios

  • Partners in Crime

    Partners in Crime

    If you're having more than one flower girl, ask your photographer to snap a few candid shots of the two of them interacting together.

  • One Of the Girls

    One Of the Girls

    This shot personifies girl squad goals.

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    Photo Credit: Chris Cornwell

  • Little Helper

    Little Helper

    Getting into the wedding gown is no easy feat — here, a flower girl does the honors of zipping up the bride.

    Photo Credit: JAG Studios

  • Lit From Within

    Lit From Within

    Natural light lends an ethereal quality to this bridal portrait with the flower girls.

  • Jump for Joy

    Jump for Joy

    A flower girl steals the show in this exuberant snapshot.

  • Include Them in the "First Look"

    Include Them in the "First Look"

    This heartwarming photo captures the joy of seeing the bride for the first time on her big day.

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    Photo Credit: Ueda Photography

  • I Spy

    I Spy

    A mischevious duo peers through a window, hoping to get a better look at the newlyweds.

    Photo Credit: Emin Photography

  • A Work of Art

    A Work of Art

    This exceptional photograph is reminiscent of a Renaissance painting.

  • Underneath the Veil

    Underneath the Veil

    Recreate this memorable shot by wrapping your veil around the two of you. (Recite the classic patty-cake nursery rhyme to help keep them occupied long enough to take the photo!)

    Photo Credit: Bobby Earle

  • Putting On the Veil

    Putting On the Veil

    This veil shot would make a sweet gift to give to the flower girl at her own wedding, someday. Other options: Have her step into your (oversized) shoes or "try on" jewelry.

  • Catching a Few Zzzs...Not

    Catching a Few Zzzs...Not

    Everyone knows that the wedding day can be exhausting — this bridal party decided to savor a few minutes snuggled up in bed together.

  • Treating the Bride

    Treating the Bride's Dress Like a Giant Tent

    Two little ones use the bride's dress as an opportunity to show off their Gymboree moves.

    Photo Credit: VeroLuce Photography

  • Wondering How Long All This Wedding Stuff is Going to Take

    Wondering How Long All This Wedding Stuff is Going to Take

    Use my poufy skirt as a makeshift cushion? Don't mind if I do.

  • Showing the Adult Guests How it

    Showing the Adult Guests How it's Done on the Dance Floor

    The cutest copycats we ever did see!

    Photo Credit: Ciro Photography

  • Adoring Glance

    Adoring Glance

    We love the adoring look on this flower girl's face!

    Photo Credit: Hazel Photographers

  • Kiss on the Hand

    Kiss on the Hand

    Add this touching pose to your must-have shot list.

  • With the Bride and Groom

    With the Bride and Groom

    Get your groom in on the fun with a group shot. Crowd together on a couch (like this couple), hold hands while walking away from the camera, or come up with your own unique pose.

  • A Sweet Smooch

    A Sweet Smooch

    Exchange a kiss on the cheek before the "I dos."

  • A Sweet Smooch: Part 2

    A Sweet Smooch: Part 2

    As if this pic wasn't adorable enough, they're wearing matching baby's breath crowns.

    Photo Credit: Randy + Ashley

  • A Sweet Smooch, Times Two

    A Sweet Smooch, Times Two

    Double up for a darling shot together.

  • On Your Lap

    On Your Lap

    No kiddo can resist plopping down and playing with the bride's dress.

  • On Their Level

    On Their Level

    A bride bends down and whispers some words of encouragement to her littlest bridal attendant.

  • The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

    The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

    Snapshots of the ring bearer and flower girl stealing a kiss or sheepishly interacting together are too cute for words.

  • At the Altar

    At the Altar

    If you and/or your fiancé have kids together or from a previous relationship, make them feel included by allowing them to take part in the ceremony.

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  • Get Ready for Your Close-Up

    Get Ready for Your Close-Up

    Say "cheese!" Seriously, is there anything more squeal-inducing than baby chompers?

    Photo Credit: Eleanor Williamson / Event Design and Coordination: Bluebird Productions

  • Explore Your Surroundings Together

    Explore Your Surroundings Together

    If you're having a tough time getting your flower girl to stand still long enough for posed portraits, then capture some action shots of the two of you exploring the venue's surroundings instead.

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    Photo Credit: Jessica Lorren Photography / Event Design and Coordination: Bluebird Productions

  • Wearing Matching Robes

    Wearing Matching Robes

    Add a vibrant pop of color to your wedding prep photos by outfitting your 'maids and flower girl in matching robes.

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    Photo Credit: Chris J. Evans Photography / Event Design and Coordination: Unveiled Hawaii

  • Just Hanging Out

    Just Hanging Out

    The juxtaposition between the Cinderella-esque dresses and industrial surrounding makes for a memorable snapshot.

  • Watching You Get Ready

    Watching You Get Ready

    Consider including your mini-me in your getting-ready routine to make her feel special and appreciated. (Note: Discuss the timeline with her parents in advance.)

    Photo Credit: Sam Hurd Photography / Event Design and Coordination: Tracie Domino Events

  • All Together Now

    All Together Now

    Gather all of your attendants for an ensemble shot that will be the star of your wedding album.

    Photo Credit: onelove photography / Event Design and Coordination: So Eventful

  • Bride With Junior Bridesmaids

    Bride With Junior Bridesmaids

    If you have a daughter, niece, cousin, or close family friend that's too old to be a flower girl, you can honor her by asking her to be a junior bridesmaid.

    Photo Credit: Kat Braman Photography / Event Design and Coordination: Posh Parties

  • Admiring Your Dress

    Admiring Your Dress

    Two pint-sized bridal attendants stand in awe together as they gaze at the bride's dress.

    Photo Credit: Sam Hurd Photography / Event Design and Coordination: Tracie Domino Events

  • Silly Group Shot

    Silly Group Shot

    Often, the most memorable photos are the ones you didn't even plan. Exhibit A: This hilarious group shot gone awry.

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  • With Props

    With Props

    A ribbon wand is a great way to keep little ones' hands occupied during photo sessions.

    Photo Credit: Castaldo Studio / Event Design and Coordination: Tracie Domino Events

  • Peeking at Guests Arriving

    Peeking at Guests Arriving

    C'mon, you know that you want to sneak a peek, too.

    Photo Credit: Sargeant Creative / Event Design and Coordination: Sterling Social

  • Ceremony Sendoff

    Ceremony Sendoff

    Exit your house of worship with your flower girl scooped up into your arms so she can get a better view of confetti or any other fun objects being tossed your way.

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  • Ceremony Processional

    Ceremony Processional

    Front and back shots of your flower girl walking down the aisle are a must, especially since this is often a pivotal moment that brides don't get to witness for themselves.

  • Kiss On The Hand: Part 2

    Kiss On The Hand: Part 2

    Give your flower girl some blooms of their own to hold. Bonus points if they're willing to give you a sweet peck on the hand.

  • Beneath the Veil

    Beneath the Veil

    It's easy to see why this adorable photo has been shared on Pinterest thousands of times.

    Photo Credit: Archetype Studio Inc.

  • A Glimpse Into the Future

    A Glimpse Into the Future

    This little girl played dress-up with the bride's wedding gown — her expression is priceless!

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    Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

  • Carrying the Train

    Carrying the Train

    The cuteness factor is off the charts in this snapshot!

    Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

  • Bride With Flower Girls

    Bride With Flower Girls

    When it comes to flower girls and ring bearers at your wedding, we think the more, the merrier!

    Photo Credit: Corbin Gurkin / Event Coordination and Design: Easton Events

  • Close-Up With the Bridesmaids

    Close-Up With the Bridesmaids

    Give your flower girl her very own special photo op.

    Photo Credit: Corbin Gurkin / Event Coordination and Design: Easton Events

  • With Props

    With Props

    Props can make your wedding photos even more eye-catching. Mr. and Mrs. blocks aren't a far stretch from Legos, helping to keep your flower girl engaged.

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    Photo Credit: Jana Williams / Planning and Design: Gather Events

  • A Sweet Embrace

    A Sweet Embrace

    A bride gives her flower girl a big squeeze, resulting in an endearing wedding photograph.

    Photo Credit: Jana Williams / Planning and Design: Gather Events

  • Showing Off Shoes

    Showing Off Shoes

    The bride and her flower girl show off their wedding-worthy kicks. 

    Photo courtesy of The Invisible Bridesmaid / Event Coordination and Design: The Invisible Bridesmaid

  • With Your Dress

    With Your Dress

    Capture this precious moment and have your tot pose beside your wedding gown.

  • Giddy With Excitement

    Giddy With Excitement

    Finally, it's your wedding day, and you get to marry your fiancé, pledging to love and cherish one another for the rest of your lives. "Happy" doesn't even begin to describe this feeling — you're so over-the-moon ecstatic that it's contagious to everyone around you.

  • A Classic Portrait

    A Classic Portrait

    Embrace Life Photography captured this tender moment between a bride and her flower girl.

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50 Cute Photos to Take With Your Flower Girl

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