14 Valentine's Day Wedding Favors That'll Make You Swoon

So you've decided to get married on the most love-filled day of the year. With your dress and decor all picked out, we've rounded up the most charming favors for your Valentine's Day ceremony to tie the romantic event all together. 

By: Sam Peters

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  • Pink and Gold Glitter Cake Pops

    Pink and Gold Glitter Cake Pops

    Who doesn't adore cake pops, especially when they're pink and sparkly?

  • Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter

    Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter

    The only thing sweeter than these heart-shaped cookie cutters? The treats they'll help make!

  • Champagne Gummy Bears

    Champagne Gummy Bears

    These adorable treats feature an added kick of alcohol for an adult-themed twist on your favorite sentimental candy.

    Photo Credit: Beau Coup

  • Gold Heart Bottle Stopper

    Gold Heart Bottle Stopper

    These gold wine stoppers are all about spreading the warm fuzzies — because there's nothing worse than a bottle of bubbly gone flat. 

    Photo Credit: MyWeddingFavors 

  • Love Matchboxes

    Love Matchboxes

    These romantic matchboxes may just ignite a spark between your guests, too. 

  • Red Macarons

    Red Macarons

    Red is the color of passion, so it probably belongs somewhere in your wedding. These vibrant macarons in the hue will be a special reminder of the love that went into your big day. 

  • "Mint to be" Mints

    "Mint to be" Mints

    Mints have long been popular wedding favors, but you can spice them up for the holiday with cheesy love puns and rose embellishments.

  • Adorable Favor Boxes

    Adorable Favor Boxes

    These simple favor boxes feature clear heart-shaped details to display all the wonderful goodies that will be stored inside. 

    Photo Credit: Amazon

  • Jam "Packed With Love"

    Jam "Packed With Love"

    Homemade jam is a creative way to show just how much you appreciate your guests. 

    Photo Credit: amaretto via Etsy

  • Personalized Kisses

    Personalized Kisses

    These personalized kisses will melt hearts just as easily as they melt in the mouth.


    Photo Credit: Juissip via Etsy

  • Sweet K-Cups

    Sweet K-Cups

    Coffee and love make the world go 'round. What better way to symbolize that than with these feel-good K-cups?

  • Valentine

    Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies

    Make these yummy gifts (or buy similar versions from Etsy) complete with special messages inside. 

    Photo Credit: Camilleiam

  • Chocolate-covered Strawberries

    Chocolate-covered Strawberries

    Shari's Berries offers a variety of decorative chocolate-covered strawberries to leave your guests supremely satisfied.

    Photo Credit: Shari's Berries

  • Pretty Notebooks

    Pretty Notebooks

    These unique little notebooks combine the best of practicality and style when it comes to romantic keepsakes. 


    Photo Credit: Wedding Favorites

14 Valentine's Day Wedding Favors That'll Make You Swoon

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