25 Ways to Show Off Your New Name

Looking to personalize your wedding décor? Enter: the monogram. No matter the wedding style, no matter the venue, there’s always a place to display those new letters. Whether you choose to brand your and your spouse’s last initial on the dance floor, a monogram on a napkin, or the first letters of your names in big marquee lights, we really can’t think of a sweeter or more romantic touch. And after looking through these ideas, you won’t be able to either.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Welcome Sign

    Welcome Sign

    The ceremony entrance sign is the perfect place to show off your new initials. This one gets a minimalist touch with a sprig of greenery.

    Photo Credit: Elyse Hall Photography

  • Escort Cards

    Escort Cards

    Give your escort cards an official touch by stamping your initials on them. We love how these double as sparklers for the wedding exit — resourceful!

  • Bar Backdrop

    Bar Backdrop

    This bar is getting lit, thanks to a glowing scroll of initials. Placed on turf and framed by white ferns, it makes for one lush backdrop.

    Photo Credit: Melissa Jill Photography / Event Planner: The Eventeur

  • Sweetheart Chairs

    Sweetheart Chairs

    How adorable is this springtime inspired setup? Adorn your sweetheart chairs with the initial of your and your spouse’s last name, a thick swag of foliage, and trailing ribbon for pure prettiness.

  • Favors


    Personalize your favors, like these cute koozies, with your new family crest. Guests will never forget where they got them from!

  • Welcome Table

    Welcome Table

    An oversized monogram in greenery makes a statement against the glitzy backdrop of a welcome table.

    Photo Credit: Michele Beckwith

  • Table Napkins

    Table Napkins

    Cloth napkins embroidered with your monogram are traditional and classic. Plus, they’re something that will get a lot of mileage post-wedding in your new home!

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • Candles


    Rustic birch candles engraved with initials evoke the sweet memories of young love.

  • Dance Floor

    Dance Floor

    Gilded initials on the dance floor lend an elegant touch in this luxe reception setting.

    Photo Credit: Melia Lucida

  • Ceremony Backdrop

    Ceremony Backdrop

    Modern meets rustic in this minimalist ceremony backdrop complete with the bride and groom’s initials.

    Photo Credit: James Moes

  • Wedding Cake

    Wedding Cake

    A traditional white wedding cake gets a unique touch with gilded fondant initials.

  • Getaway Car

    Getaway Car

    We’re loving that this getaway car is a golf cart! Perfect for a country club wedding. Even better is that it boasts a charming wreath monogram on the front.

    Photo Credit: Rachel Red Photography

  • Aisle Marker

    Aisle Marker

    We’re feeling all the romance with this wrought iron gate, beautiful wreath, and monogram trifecta of an aisle marker.

    Photo Credit: Brumley & Wells

  • Ceremony Chairs

    Ceremony Chairs

    Sleek and chic, these acrylic ceremony chairs stamped with initials have a contemporary vibe.

    Photo Credit: Our Labor of Love

  • Lounge Area

    Lounge Area

    Spruce up your lounge area with marquee letter lights. It not only adds a bit of personalization but an industrial vibe as well.

    Photo Credit: Anagram Photo

  • Cocktail Accessories

    Cocktail Accessories

    From drink stirrers to napkins, don’t forget your cocktail accessories! They need some monogram love, too.

    Photo Credit: Ryan Ray Photography

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers

    Know what else your table numbers need besides a number? Your initials, of course!

  • Bouquet Ribbon

    Bouquet Ribbon

    Personalize the ribbon on your bouquet with your new monogram for some sweet Southern charm.

  • Bar


    A monogram gets even more personalized when it’s hand-painted on a bar with artsy designs in pretty pastels.

    Photo Credit: Hunter Ryan Photo

  • Gobo Lighting

    Gobo Lighting

    Use gobo lighting to dress up a blank wall. It makes a statement while saving you money on decorations.

  • Seating


    If you have unique seating during cocktail hour, emblazon it with the initial of your last name. This bucolic bench has some farmstyle charm thanks to double wagon wheels.

  • Aisle Runner

    Aisle Runner

    As if an aisle runner of flower petals couldn’t get anymore romantic, this one gets a special twist in the form of a pink petaled monogram.

    Photo Credit: Steve Steinhardt

  • Sweetheart Table

    Sweetheart Table

    What better place to put your initials than right on the sweetheart table? These ones combine with romantic candles for a magical effect.

    Photo Credit: Ether and Smith

  • Cake Topper

    Cake Topper

    Forget the old-fashioned miniature bride and groom cake toppers — modern, edible initials are so much more fun.

    Photo Credit: Emily Delamater

  • Doors


    Thick letters of greenery displayed across entrance doors are the perfect way to greet guests at the venue.

    Photo Credit: Brumley & Wells

25 Ways to Show Off Your New Name

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