Say No to Flowers: 25 Alternatives to the Bridal Bouquet

Whether you're allergic to flowers, eco-conscious, on a budget, or simply not a fan, it is completely okay to forgo the flowers on your wedding day. These 25 alternatives will do the trick, and give your guests something to talk (or even tweet) about.

By: Kat Richter

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  • Mason Jar

    Mason Jar

    When it comes to wedding décor, mason jars are perfect for just about everything: favors, signature drinks, centerpieces, and even an alternative to the traditional bouquet. These spring-colored hanging mason jars will make a great accessory for your festive, shabby-chic themed wedding.

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  • Lantern


    For an evening wedding, there’s nothing more romantic than carrying a lantern down the aisle. With a lantern purchased at Ikea or Home Goods, you’ll light up the aisle — literally. 

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  • Kissing Ball

    Kissing Ball

    They’re not just for flower girls. For a modern twist on the traditional flower ball or pomander, try making yours out of metallic paper.

  • Heart Balloons

    Heart Balloons

    Forget everything you’ve ever heard about balloons being “tacky” for a wedding — these certainly are not! This particular black and gold combo, available from Mod Party, is both whimsical and chic: perfect for the fun-loving, offbeat bride.

    Photo Credit: Hina Khan

  • Hatbox


    If you love Downton Abbey, look no further than these gorgeous vintage-inspired hatboxes from Petit Chapelier Emporium. Their lightweight design makes them the perfect accessory for your walk down the aisle. 

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    Photo Credit: W. C. Nader

  • Grape Bunches

    Grape Bunches

    For a rustic vineyard wedding, consider carrying a bouquet of grapes instead of flowers. Because they come in so many different shades of green and purple, grapes look good with just about any color scheme. Artificial grapes are great, too (and offer even more options in the color — and glitter — departments). 

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  • Fur Muff

    Fur Muff

    Nothing says winter wonderland like a fur muff. You’ll feel like a fairytale princess with one of these vintage-inspired accessories from Sew U Designs and — bonus — you’ll keep your hands warm, too.

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    Photo Credit: James Loy

  • Feather Bouquet

    Feather Bouquet

    Canadian bride Beth commissioned this striking cobalt blue feather bouquet from Parfait Plumes. The simple elegance makes for a dramatic pop of color against a white gown.

  • Embroidery Hoop

    Embroidery Hoop

    Who knew an embroidery hoop could be so cute? This design by Simple Devotion uses lace, ribbon, and a trusty old embroidery hoop to create the perfect alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet.

    Photo Credit: Kara Muller

  • Brooch Bouquet

    Brooch Bouquet

    One trend that’s gained enormous popularity over the past few years is the brooch bouquet. And why not? This adorable arrangement, created by Lovetts Bouquets, combines two of our favorite things: vintage glam and sparkle. 

    Photo Credit: Jack Chao

  • Bridal Clutch

    Bridal Clutch

    If you see a clutch you love, ditch the bouquet altogether and carry your purse instead. After all, this example, designed by Angee W., is a work of art in and of itself.

    Photo Credit: Sharon Litchfield

  • Boo-quet


    For her horror movie-themed wedding, Philadelphia bride Amanda worked with designer Anna Coy of Hold and Have to create this one of a kind boo-quet. It contains red leather roses, strands of actual film reel, and miniature skulls. 

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  • Beaded Feathers

    Beaded Feathers

    To up the ante, try one of these beaded creations by Divine Floral Designs. This feather and crystal bouquet gives you the look and overall shape of traditional flowers, but it sparkles a whole lot more. 

    Photo Credit: Davina Ward

  • Arm Garland

    Arm Garland

    Channel your inner woodland fairy with these whimsical arm garlands from Stone Twigs and Baubles. The delicate arm bands are perfect for an outdoor wedding or garden party; plus, they leave your hands free for more important things, like holding your cocktail. 

    Photo Credit: Lauren Triplett

  • Yarn Ball Bouquet

    Yarn Ball Bouquet

    Charm your guests with this adorable yarn ball bouquet from Sew Many Petals. Perfect for the arts and crafts enthusiast, this colorful creation is the perfect accent piece for your wedding day.

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    Photo Credit: Jenny of Sew Many Petals

  • Vintage Fan

    Vintage Fan

    For her simple Quaker wedding, British bride Harriet chose to carry a handheld fan. Unlike flowers, fans can serve double duty on your wedding day: they look good, and there’s no better way to ward off an accidental bridal meltdown than a good old-fashioned fan. 

    Photo Credit: Mike Goren

  • Teapot


    Add some old world class to your nuptials by carrying a teapot down the aisle instead of a traditional bouquet. While this design, created by Jennifer Basden of Chicago Silk Florist, does include flowers, they’re artificial (read: they’ll provide a lasting reminder of your special day).

    Photo Credit: Jennifer Basden

  • Sheet Music Flowers

    Sheet Music Flowers

    For an elegant nod to classical music, try this sheet music bouquet. Ksusha from FlowerDecoration uses textured paper and recycled scores to create roses as well.

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  • Sea Glass Wind Chime

    Sea Glass Wind Chime

    For a beach wedding, why not carry a sea glass wind chime instead of a traditional bouquet? This example, designed by Karsen Callahan and Jackie Beaverson, can serve double duty as reception décor once you’ve finished your ceremony.

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    Photo Credit: Jaclyn Beaverson

  • Ribbon Wand

    Ribbon Wand

    While ribbon wands are quickly becoming the guest handout of choice, they can offer a great alternative for your walk down the aisle as well. The long ribbons used in this example by Craft Up Your Life are the perfect way to accentuate your height.  

    Photo Credit: Serena Patterson

  • Parasol


    You can’t go wrong with a classic parasol. Try a vintage-inspired design if you’re getting married at a historic site or a paper parasol in the color of your choice for a more modern look.

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  • Paper Flower Wreath

    Paper Flower Wreath

    If you’re still hung up on the idea of flowers, why not use paper blossoms instead? This adorable wreath from Paper Petal Shoppe gives you the best of both worlds.

    Photo Credit: Rachel Ferguson

  • Palm Leaf Fan

    Palm Leaf Fan

    For a laid-back beach ceremony, try a simple woven palm leaf fan. These popular guest favors from Urban Elements Design look great in place of a bouquet, especially if you add some ribbon or a few small sea shells. 

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    Photo Credit: Jessica Cama

  • Origami Cranes

    Origami Cranes

    Forget about flowers — instead, carry one of these beautiful origami crane mobiles from Spare Bedroom Studio.

    Photo Credit: Spare Bedroom Studio

  • Modern Dream Catcher

    Modern Dream Catcher

    Boho brides, look no further than NaativStudios. These modern macramé dream catchers are the perfect combination of tradition and style. Bonus: you can display them in your home after your big day.

    Photo Credit: Anka Butler of Naativ Studios

Say No to Flowers: 25 Alternatives to the Bridal Bouquet

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