35 Unique Ways to Display Your Centerpiece Flowers

When it comes to your centerpieces. the vessel that holds your flowers is just as important as the blooms inside. The right container will help set the tone for your reception. So say goodbye to clear glass and say hello to one of these 35 creative ideas.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Wood


    A low wood box is the perfect fit for a branch centerpiece.

    Photo Credit: B. Jones Photography

  • Skip the Vessel

    Skip the Vessel

    Adorn your tables with mini trees for a beautiful nature-inspired look.

    Photo Credit: Artvesta Studio

  • Skip the Vessel

    Skip the Vessel

    Drape greenery garlands along your tables.

    Photo Credit: Arrowood Photography

  • Wood


    A wood crate is a simple choice for a shabby-chic look.

    Photo Credit: Caroline Ghetes

  • Add Some Sparkle

    Add Some Sparkle

    Transform a classic glass vase into something a bit more fun with some glitter paint.

    Photo Credit: Brit Jaye Photography

  • Creamy Whites

    Creamy Whites

    Create a gorgeous clean look with milk glasses against a white table and bold flowers.

    Photo Credit: Tina Jay Photography

  • Fruit & Veggies

    Fruit & Veggies

    It doesn't get more tropical than displaying your flowers inside of a pineapple.

    Photo Credit: Palm Beach Photography

  • Color Pop

    Color Pop

    Alternate blue and clear vases for an unexpected touch.

    Photo Credit: Dear Wesleyann

  • Wood


    Create a wonderfully rustic vibe by displaying your flowers inside a tree trunk.

    Photo Credit: Simpson Photography

  • Vintage Glass

    Vintage Glass

    Surround a geometric case with flowers instead of just placing them inside.

  • Bird Cage

    Bird Cage

    A birdcage is a wonderful addition to your spring tablescape.

    Photo Credit: Eventos Euforia

  • Color Pop

    Color Pop

    Enhance your tables with colorful vases in unique shapes.

  • Black


    A black pedestal bowl is an unexpected yet elegant choice.

    Photo Credit: Fresh by Sibil Brooke Silvester

  • Stand Tall

    Stand Tall

    Adorn your flowers on a small display shelf.

    Photo Credit: Fresh by Sibil Brooke Silvester

  • Silver


    A silver planter shines against muted flowers.

    Photo Credit: Figlewicz Photography

  • Color Pop

    Color Pop

    Why limit yourself to one color? Gather bottles in various shades for a fun, colorful look.

    Photo Credit: Jessica Photography

  • Bronze Beauty

    Bronze Beauty

    A bronze pedestal bowl surrounded by mix-and-match candleholders creates a vintage vibe.

    Photo Credit: Fresh by Sibil Brooke Silvester

  • Under a Dome

    Under a Dome

    Channel Beauty and the Beast with a floral arrangement under a dome.

    Photo Credit: Fresh by Sibil Brooke Silvester

  • Mini Vessels

    Mini Vessels

    Create an ombré look with flowers in varying shades lining your table in metallic cups.

    Photo Credit: J. Wiley Photography

  • Golden Touch

    Golden Touch

    Painted mason jars are a simple and chic DIY centerpiece.

    Photo Credit: Harpsounds

  • Golden Touch

    Golden Touch

    Gold goblets complete this classic, romantic wedding color palette.

  • Single Blooms

    Single Blooms

    Repurpose antique candleholders to hold individual flowers for a unique look.

  • Mirror Magic

    Mirror Magic

    Pair your mirrorred flower holders with a patterned tablecloth for a glamorous look.

    Photo Credit: Jen Kroll Photography

  • Mix and Match

    Mix and Match

    Antique bottles in various hues covered in moss creates a wonderful, earthy look.

  • Mirror Magic

    Mirror Magic

    A mirrored vessel gives your table a seamless look.

  • Golden Touch

    Golden Touch

    A golden cup is a simple and elegant choice.

  • Golden Touch

    Golden Touch

    A tall golden vase works especially well against an autumnal color palette.

    Photo Credit: Josh Lynn Photography

  • Stand Tall

    Stand Tall

    Make your bold flowers stand out even more by displaying them on a tall gold stand.

    Photo Credit: Kat Wooten Studios

  • Copper


    Copper buckets glow against soft candlelight.

    Photo Credit: Lis Photography

  • Planter


    A stone planter plays beautifully against silver dishware.

    Photo Credit: Lauren Ross

  • Rose Gold

    Rose Gold

    Rose gold vessels add a luxe boho vibe to your tables.

  • Vintage Delight

    Vintage Delight

    A bevy of vintage vessels come together in a gorgeous multi-tiered centerpiece.

    Photo Credit: Shakar Photography

  • Fruits & Veggies

    Fruits & Veggies

    Perfect for a fall wedding, place your flowers inside of a pumpkin.

    Photo Credit: White Rabbit Photo

  • Behind Glass

    Behind Glass

    Display succulents inside of modern geometric terrariums.

  • Low Bowl

    Low Bowl

    A shallow bowl really puts the emphasis on your overflowing centerpiece.

35 Unique Ways to Display Your Centerpiece Flowers

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