50 Little Details That'll Take Your Wedding to the Next Level

There’s no denying that planning your wedding is overwhelming. Between focusing on the main elements such as your venue and event logistics and being inundated with Pinterest ideas, it’s easy to forget about the little details that make your big day special. From décor details to making your guests happy and all the creative elements in between, we’ve got you covered with these budget-friendly ideas that will amp up your wedding’s wow factor.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Bare Walls

    Bare Walls

    Dress up a bare wall with a sign of your affection. Whether you prefer your new initials, a cute saying or quote, or just one word, it’s sure to make a statement — both physically and emotionally. 

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  • Bar Sign

    Bar Sign

    Make the line at the bar go more quickly with a rustic sign that provides all the drink options before guests even get to the bartender. Guests will appreciate not having to look for the bar, too!

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    Photo Credit: Anna Page Photography

  • Alternate Bar

    Alternate Bar

    Are a full-on bar and bartender out of a budget? Fill up a trough with the drinks of your choice. Fun and quirky, it lends rustic charm to any backyard or barn wedding.

  • Altar


    The candid photos of you and your groom exchanging vows are ones you’ll treasure forever. With this in mind, don’t skimp on altar décor — you’ll want to make sure it’s unforgettable. Even something as simple as draping gauzy fabric over a tree in an already stunning setting can create a breathtaking effect.

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  • Aisle Runner

    Aisle Runner

    Create your own version of the red carpet — whatever that may be. This straw runner is the perfect complement to a beach or coastline wedding.

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    Photo Credit: Garrett Richardson

  • Aisle Markers

    Aisle Markers

    Tie satin ribbon on the posts of aisle chairs for an elegant look.

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    Photo Credit: Caught the Light

  • Door Trim

    Door Trim

    Amp up your church door with a swath of florals for a special touch.

  • Dessert Display

    Dessert Display

    Getting creative with your dessert display is an easy way to elicit a wow factor. Serving cupcakes? Instead of placing them in traditional tier, arrange them in the initial of your new last name.

  • Décor Accents

    Décor Accents

    Don’t forget about the extras that make your wedding so unique. Throw some unexpected décor into the mix, like these geometric shapes filled with succulents.

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  • Date Tips

    Date Tips

    Get creative with your guest book so guests will actually want to sign it! Ask for a marriage tip or date idea so you and your groom can enjoy more than the standard well wishes. These popsicle sticks are way more fun than your simple blank-page book.

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    Photo Credit: Lora Mae Photography

  • Cocktails


    Don’t leave your cocktails as is — they’re always more fun when dressed up. Add burlap umbrellas and heart-stamped stirrers for a punch of whimsy.

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    Photo Credit: Margaux Photography

  • Cocktail Tables

    Cocktail Tables

    Don’t just drape your cocktail tables in linen and call it a day; cinch it with a tie of lush greenery — or twine or fabric if you wish — to give a little pizazz to its silhouette. 

    Photo Credit: Kim Box Photography

  • Cocktail Napkins

    Cocktail Napkins

    Personalize your cocktail napkins with a cute saying or the date to add a dash of pizazz. A metallic finish always looks more luxe.

  • Chandeliers


    Whether you choose one as a single statement chandelier or a handful, chandeliers add sparkle and class to any reception. On a budget? Drape a vintage wrought-iron chandelier in string lights for a unique and whimsical look.

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  • Chair Décor

    Chair Décor

    Tie a bow of fabric around chair backs to take your chairs from ordinary to glam. Get creative with a diagonal look and off-center bow, like this olive green piece.

    Photo Credit: Archetype Studios

  • Chair Backs

    Chair Backs

    Not into bows? Run gauzy linens through the chair backs for a dreamy look.

  • Ceremony Chairs

    Ceremony Chairs

    Mixing and matching ceremony chairs is an original way hone your wedding style without splurging on décor. These diverse chairs make for eccentric seating and complete this industrial 19th century factory.

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  • Ceiling Décor

    Ceiling Décor

    The space up above needs décor just as much as the space below! Adorn your ceiling fabric, lights, greenery, or these whimsical papier-mache yarn globes. It’s a great trick to covering up any unsightly beams or tent poles.

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    Photo Credit: Andria Lo

  • Candles


    Candles are a beautiful and cost-efficient way to light up any tablescape. With such a romantic glow, you won’t need to spend a fortune on flowers for your centerpieces.

    Photo Credit: Margaux Photography

  • Cake Topper

    Cake Topper

    Bride and groom figurines are so yesterday. Opt for a cake topper that makes a statement and reflects your and your groom’s personalities, like this gold sparkle showstopper reigning in the awws with a depiction of the couple’s two dogs.

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    Photo Credit: Aga Jones Photography

  • Cake Table

    Cake Table

    Let your cake table shine with some original décor. Swap it out for an antique desk and juxtapose it with a marquee sign to spotlight the display.

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    Photo Credit: Jen Rodriguez

  • Bathroom


    It’s easy to overlook the bathroom when you’re honed in on making the reception as gorgeous as can be. Put his and hers amenity baskets in the bathrooms in case guests need anything throughout the night. Mouthwash, stain removal pen, hairspray, Tylenol, and band-aids are just a few ideas to throw in there.

    Photo Credit: Something Turquoise / Created by Jessica Bishop of The Budget Savvy Bride

  • Pinspotting


    After painstakingly obsessing over your centerpieces, you don’t want to keep them in the dark. Use pinspotting to illuminate those pretty floral arrangements. 

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    Photo Credit: JoVon Photography

  • Photobooth


    Photobooths are always a good source of entertainment for guests. Is renting one out of the budget? Create an oversized polaroid for a fun and quirky cost-efficient twist. The photos will be just as fun!

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    Photo Credit: Nadia Meli

  • Photobooth Props

    Photobooth Props

    Make sure to include props so those who feel awkward posing can feel more comfortable with something to hold. Plus, you’ll get more candid photos! We love these punny balloons — they’re fun and affordable.

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  • Outdoor Relief

    Outdoor Relief

    When throwing an outdoor wedding, it’s easy to only focus on a contingency plan in the event of bad weather and forget about Mother Nature’s other downside — bugs and the like. Create a relief station armed with bug spray, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer so your guests can enjoy your big day.

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  • Menus


    Forgo the price of paper and list the night’s fare on a sign for a bit of charm.

    Photo Credit: Leigh Fabozi

  • Linens


    Sequin tablecloths are a quick and affordable upgrade from your average linens to give your reception a luxe look on a budget. Their shimmer and glimmer is both glam and chic.

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    Photo Credit: Mango Studios

  • Kids

    Kids' Table

    Don’t forget about the little ones! Leave crayons and a coloring book at their table so they can stay entertained.

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    Photo Credit: Natalie Watson

  • Hashtag


    You spent months brainstorming a clever hashtag — make sure people use it! Create a clever sign to encourage your guests to snap and post the night away.

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    Photo Credit: Olive Photography

  • Hanky Box

    Hanky Box

    You won’t be the only one crying at your wedding; don’t forget about your guests’ tears of joy, too. A box of delicately embroidered colorful hankies adds a quirky and charming element to your wedding — one that your guests will certainly appreciate.

    Photo Credit: Paper Antler

  • Guest Programs

    Guest Programs

    Dual-purpose guest programs are the way to go — that piece of paper gets more of your money’s worth if it serves another function! These programs feature popsicle stick handles, perfect for guests to use as a fan when it gets too hot at an outdoor ceremony.

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    Photo Credit: Mandy Busby Creative

  • Escort Cards

    Escort Cards

    Escort cards don’t have to be limited with paper. Write them on something else entirely or pair with them with a fun accessory. These gold spray painted animal figurines are fun and playful.

    Photo Credit: Carmen Holt

  • Escort Card Display

    Escort Card Display

    Don’t relegate your escort cards to the table — show them off in a creative display! These pretty in pink ribbon streamers are whimsically beautiful.

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    Photo Credit: Margaux Photography

  • Entrance


    Many brides focus on the altar and often forget about their grand entrance. A vintage door at the foot of the ceremony is a whimsical touch and symbolizes a welcome to all guests.

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  • Edibles


    Hand-painted treats liven up an average plate of hors d'oeuvres or dessert delectables. These “fruity” pastel macarons scream springtime fever.

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  • Uplighting


    Uplighting is a budget-friendly way to immediately transform a room’s ambiance. An orange glow bathes this reception in a romantic light.

    Photo Credit: JoVon Photography

  • Unique Elements

    Unique Elements

    It’s the quirky and the unique that truly lends your day a touch of your own personality. Add surprising elements to give your wedding some flair. We love this rustic bell to call for the newlyweds to kiss.

  • Table Top

    Table Top

    Cover your tables with mirrors for a dazzling effect and to save costs on linens.

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    Photo Credit: Esther Sun Photography

  • Table Settings

    Table Settings

    A table setting can consist of much more than dinnerware and linens. Spruce them up with accents, such as a pale blush ribbon and trim of greenery, for an extra touch.

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers

    Personalize your table numbers with a photo of you and the groom at each table. Amp up the personalization even more by corresponding the number with a fun fact about the two of you.

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    Photo Credit: Katch Studios

  • Table Napkins

    Table Napkins

    Get creative with your napkin settings. A simple folding like this napkin pocket makes all the difference — and can hold your menu, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    Photo Credit: Nancy Ray Photography

  • Sweetheart Chairs

    Sweetheart Chairs

    Don your sweetheart chairs with charming Mr. and Mrs. Signs.

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  • Backdrop


    String lighting doesn’t need to be confined to the ceilings — it twinkles just as brightly cascading down the wall as a backdrop, too.

    Photo Credit: D’amor Photography

  • Signature Drinks

    Signature Drinks

    If you’re trying to avoid paying for an open bar, consider having his and her cocktails that embody your tastes and personalities instead. Your guests will still get the liquor while you can save money and add a personal element to the wedding.

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  • Sendoff


    Gone are the traditions of throwing confetti or rice as the couple makes their escape. Sparklers have a much bigger wow factor — and make for amazing photos.

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    Photo Credit: David Strauss

  • Selfie Station

    Selfie Station

    Forgo the guest signings altogether and opt for a visual guest book. Leave a polaroid camera at the table so your guests can take a selfie as proof of their attendance and have them pin it up for a fun décor display. 

    Photo Credit: En Route Photography

  • Seating Chart

    Seating Chart

    Skip the escort cards altogether and opt for a seating chart as a cheaper alternative — vintage window panes will do the trick!

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  • Pool Décor

    Pool Décor

    Does your reception venue have a pool? Don’t leave it empty. Floating letters make a splash.

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  • Place Cards

    Place Cards

    Who said place cards had to be on paper? Cut the costs and write them in beautiful calligraphy on a tropical leaf to carry out your wedding theme. Bonus points if you swap placemats out for monster leaves as plate chargers.

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50 Little Details That'll Take Your Wedding to the Next Level

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