40 Ideas for an Indoor Wedding Ceremony

Hosting an indoor wedding often presents some décor challenges. However, an indoor affair allows the couple to start with a blank canvas, rather than only having to add a few accessories to a gorgeous natural setting. Here, get inspired by these beautiful ceremonies that'll have you dreaming of an indoor wedding. 

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Rustic Touch

    Rustic Touch

    Simple white barn doors adorned with wreaths and a banner provide a lovely rustic-chic backdrop.

  • Floral Fantasy

    Floral Fantasy

    Embrace color! Make an even bolder impact by combining cut flowers and printed flowers. We love how the floral print is even mirrored on the aisle runner. 

  • Draped Fabric

    Draped Fabric

    Add warmth and romance to an industrial setting with a sheath of fabric suspended from the ceiling.

  • Cityscape


    Create a meaningful backdrop with a printed mural showing where you first met. 

    Photo: Brad & Jen

  • Dreamy Florals

    Dreamy Florals

    An abundant floral arch provides an elegant backdrop.

  • By Candlelight

    By Candlelight

    Is there anything more romantic than a wedding by candlelight? From the chandeliers to the mantle décor to the aisle lanterns, this ceremony is oozing with charm. 

  • Paper Flowers

    Paper Flowers

    Paper flowers and ribbons create a backdrop filled with whimsy.

  • Enchanted Garden

    Enchanted Garden

    Transform your ceremony into an enchanted garden with an elaborate overhead floral display.

  • Simple Ribbons

    Simple Ribbons

    Keep it simple with a backdrop created from strands of ribbon and palm leaf accents.

  • On Stage

    On Stage

    Elevate your vows onto a platform to give all of your guests a great view. 

  • Show the Love

    Show the Love

    Keep it simple with "love" letter balloons intertwined with strand lights.

  • Golden Touch

    Golden Touch

    You can never go wrong with a luxe white and gold color palette. Accent it with some fresh greenery and muted flowers.

  • Greenery Wall

    Greenery Wall

    Bring a touch of the outdoors in with a fern-covered wall adorned with a sweet phrase.

  • Surrounded by Greenery

    Surrounded by Greenery

    A circle of greenery warms up an industrial space.

  • Modern Romance

    Modern Romance

    Set the tone for a modern wedding with individual blooms attached to the stark gray backdrop.

  • Deconstructed Arch

    Deconstructed Arch

    A deconstructed ceremony arch lends a more modern vibe.

  • With a View

    With a View

    Exchange vows in front of floor-to-ceiling windows to get that outdoor vibe without dealing with the challenges of actually being outside.

  • Starry Night

    Starry Night

    Get married under the stars!

  • Modern Minimalism

    Modern Minimalism

    Candles, greenery, and a laser-cut sign are all you need to dress up a plain setting.

  • Perfectly Framed

    Perfectly Framed

    A makeshift mantle with a framed floral display and loosely-tied garland emanates a romantic vibe. 

  • By Candlelight

    By Candlelight

    Strands of twinkle lights mixed with floating candles creates such a dreamy atmosphere.

  • Behind the Curtain

    Behind the Curtain

    Make your entrance more dramatic by pulling back a curtain right before your walk.

  • Floral Chuppah

    Floral Chuppah

    Make a large room feel more intimate with a flower-covered chuppah. 

  • Warm & Cozy

    Warm & Cozy

    A stone fireplace provides a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony.

  • Beautifully Illuminated

    Beautifully Illuminated

    Light up your ceremony with dozens of candles and an "I Do" sign.

    Photo: LargeDreamCatcherUA/Etsy

  • Whimsical Arch

    Whimsical Arch

    A whimsical dream come true! Paper fans, poms, and colorful ribbons create such a fun vibe.

    Photo: Lara Hotz

  • Indoor Forest

    Indoor Forest

    Planning a winter wedding? Transform your ceremony into an evergreen forest accented by candelabras.

  • Artistic Print

    Artistic Print

    Show off your artistic side with a custom painted backdrop.

  • Mirrored Beauty

    Mirrored Beauty

    A mirror provides an unexpected backdrop. Adorn it with a swash of greenery.

    Photo: Emily Catherine Photography

  • Garden Touch

    Garden Touch

    Give a luxurious ballroom a garden gorgeous vibe with a framed greenery wall and wooden floral boxes.

  • Simple and Chic

    Simple and Chic

    Keep it simple with a classic A-frame and a small floral adornment.

  • Elegant Hoops

    Elegant Hoops

    A collection of hoop wreaths come together to create a lovely rustic-chic backdrop.

    Photo: Michela Brooke Photography via Fleeting Elegance

  • Personal Touch

    Personal Touch

    Make your ceremony feel like home with a framed photo from your engagement shoot above the fireplace.

  • Gorgeous Greenhouse

    Gorgeous Greenhouse

    Get the look and feel of a garden wedding while staying under cover by opting for a greenhouse.

  • Golden Frames

    Golden Frames

    A pair of ornate frames over a simple ivory curtain creates a unique and regal backdrop.

  • Floral Backdrop

    Floral Backdrop

    Skip the pricey cut flowers in favor of a canvas backdrop.

  • Quotable


    Display your favorite love quote behind you as you exchange vows.

  • Floating Ribbons

    Floating Ribbons

    Layers of ribbons form a dreamy background.

  • Urban Beauty

    Urban Beauty

    An all-white color palette in a loft creates such a modern urban vibe. 

  • Whimsical Balloons

    Whimsical Balloons

    A balloon garland adds a touch of whimsy to this loft wedding.

40 Ideas for an Indoor Wedding Ceremony

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