20 Creative Ideas for Your Ceremony Seating

Take your ceremony up a notch by transforming your seating into a meaningful part of the décor. From creative arrangements to unique chairs, here are some of our favorite ideas we've seen.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Bright & Cheerful

    Bright & Cheerful

    Don't let your location define your décor; we love the juxtaposition of a garden vibe against a cityscape. 

  • Snowy Benches

    Snowy Benches

    "Snow"-covered benches fit perfectly with a winter wedding.

  • Pews


    Bring the indoors out by arranging simple pews in rows.

  • Reception Tables

    Reception Tables

    Are you hosting your ceremony and reception in the same spot? Eliminate the turnaround time by seating your guests at their reception tables during the ceremony as well. 

    Photo: Haim Afriat

  • Under a Tent

    Under a Tent

    Make a large ballroom feel more intimate by arranging your seating underneath a tent.

  • Blankets & Pillows

    Blankets & Pillows

    Keep it low-key while optimizing comfort by laying out plenty of blankets and throw pillows.

  • Bales of Hay

    Bales of Hay

    For a farm wedding, nothing could be more fitting than hay seating. Make it more comfortable by tossing blankets over the bales.

    Photo: Kununurra Weddings

  • Surrounding the Couple

    Surrounding the Couple

    Creative seating isn't limited to small weddings! Just make sure to work multiple aisles into your design. 

  • Benches on Hay

    Benches on Hay

    You can also get the look of hay without the mess by laying wood planks on top of the bales,

  • Surrounding the Couple

    Surrounding the Couple

    Make your ceremony spot more distinct by surrounding it with tall columns and colorful fabric drapimg.

    Photo: Sherman Chu

  • Mix and Match Chairs

    Mix and Match Chairs

    Instead of expensive rentals, borrow chairs from friends and family members to create an eclectic mix.

  • Couches


    Make comfort a priority by renting plush couches and chairs for your guests.

    Photo: Ryan Ray

  • Monochrome


    Keep it monochromatic without being matchy-matchy by gathering an assortment of couches, chairs, and benches in a neutral color palette.

  • Stools


    Simple stools that mirror the color of the sand provide a whimsical choice for your ceremony.

  • Ottomans


    By using a combination of ottomans, benches, and traditional chairs, you'll ensure comfort for all of your guests.

  • Pillows


    Bring the zen with floor seating on plush pillows.

    Photo: Serena & Jason Photography

  • Surrounding the Couple

    Surrounding the Couple

    Encircle yourselves with the love of your guests by arranging your seats in a round.

    Photo: Epic Imagery

  • Spiral


    Give each of your guests a front row seat for your walk down the aisle and create an intimate feel by creating a spiral. 

  • Colorful Chairs

    Colorful Chairs

    Turn your ceremony seats into décor by adding a pop of color on each chair.

  • Logs


    For a wedding in the woods, what could be more perfect than using logs as your seating? 

20 Creative Ideas for Your Ceremony Seating

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