35 Budget-Friendly Ceremony Décor Ideas

Your ceremony decorations don't have to cost a fortune to make an impact. Here, get inspired by these cost-effective options.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Rainbow Pinwheels

    Rainbow Pinwheels

    Add some whimsy and color to your ceremony with pinwheels and streamers.

  • Beach Beauty

    Beach Beauty

    Set against such a beautiful natural backdrop, a simple hoop wreath is all you need.

  • Christmas Trees

    Christmas Trees

    If you're get married near the holidays, you’ll likely be able to take advantage of some free decorations from your venue. When viewing potential venues, be sure to ask about how (and when) they decorate for the holidays.

  • Fresh Greenery

    Fresh Greenery

    Get more bang for your buck by opting for fresh greenery in lieu of an abundance of flowers.

  • Ribbons


    An easy DIY that can be adapted to fit any wedding style, ribbon strands create a chic and simple backdrop.

  • Garland


    Drape a garland as your backdrop – no fancy hardware required.

    Photo: KT Merry

  • Quilted Aisle

    Quilted Aisle

    Instead of a costly aisle runner, pick up some quilts from a thrift store for a quirky, homespun vibe.

  • Balloons


    Make balloons the star of the décor show; keep it wedding-appropriate by opting for simple L-O-V-E letters.

  • Mystical Forest

    Mystical Forest

    Design a mystical fairy-tale space with hundreds of paper cranes overhead.

  • Spiral Seating

    Spiral Seating

    Turn your chairs into part of the décor by arranging them in an interesting pattern.

  • Chalkboard Signs

    Chalkboard Signs

    Use chalkboard signs to spell out your favorite quote or bible verse. Dress the space above your ceremony with simple tulle.

  • Wildflowers


    Wildflowers in mason jars add color to your aisle without costing a fortune.

  • Doors


    Reclaimed doors create an easy and eye-catching backdrop.

  • Floral Display

    Floral Display

    You don’t have to skip flowers entirely to save money; just opt for more budget-friendly varieties, like hydrangeas and roses.

  • Chair Covers

    Chair Covers

    Brightly-covered chair covers that reflect the colors of the sunset are perfect for a beach wedding.

  • A-Frame


    A simple A-frame adorned with a basic floral arrangement creates a lovely minimalist backdrop.

  • Twinkling Lights

    Twinkling Lights

    Stock up on string lights during the post-holiday sales. Decorate the ceiling and the backdrop with dozens of strands for dramatic effect.

  • Musical Notes

    Musical Notes

    Whimsical and fun, a backdrop made of vintage records is perfect for a music-loving couple on a budget.

  • Autumn Aisle

    Autumn Aisle

    Take advantage of in-season decorations, like pumpkins and leaves for a fall wedding.

  • Candlelight


    Hit up your local dollar store for basic pillar candles, which come together to create a beautiful, romantic backdrop when displayed on modern shelves.

  • Lace Curtain

    Lace Curtain

    Dress up a vintage curtain with a few individual hanging flowers for a shabby-chic backdrop.

  • Hoop Wreaths

    Hoop Wreaths

    Arrange a beautiful backdrop on a budget with a variety of simple hoop wreaths.

    Photo: Michele Brooke Photography via Fleeting Elegance

  • Silver Sparkle

    Silver Sparkle

    Dress up your winter wedding with silver tinsel trees and garlands.

  • Hearts


    Show the love with hundreds of heart cutouts lining the aisle. It’s a cute and cheap DIY project perfect for an outdoor wedding.

  • Custom Art

    Custom Art

    Are you an artsy couple? Create a one-of-a-kind backdrop with dripped paint on a canvas.

  • Pom Poms

    Pom Poms

    Paper poms add extra romance to a minimalist ceremony arch.

  • Beach Bliss

    Beach Bliss

    Eliminate the need for a pricey ceremony structure by creating a simple floral circle on the ground.

    Photo: Mickophoto

  • Streamers


    Line your aisle with ribbon streamers, which look even more gorgeous on a windy wedding day.

  • Colorful Poms

    Colorful Poms

    Dress up your aisle with a punch of paper poms in bold hues.

    Photo: ZA Designz

  • Monogram


    Make your new monogram the star of the show. Bonus: You can reuse it as home décor after the big day.

    Photo: Photo Love

  • Gold Frames

    Gold Frames

    Go thrift shopping for ornate frames; pop out the backs and spray paint them gold for a luxe look for less.

  • Faux Flower Wall

    Faux Flower Wall

    A flower wall may cost a small fortune, but you can get the look for less with a printed tapestry instead.

  • Book Arch

    Book Arch

    Book lovers, show off your literary love with an arch made entirely of books. Repurpose tales from your own bookshelves, and hit up used book sales to fill the gaps.

  • Love Sign

    Love Sign

    All you need is an oversized sign to create an eye-catching backdrop.

  • Crepe Paper

    Crepe Paper

    Layered crepe paper in muted tones creates a soft, romantic backdrop.

35 Budget-Friendly Ceremony Décor Ideas

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