25 Ways to Include Your Mom in the Wedding

Your daughter getting married is a major milestone in a mother's life — but all too often, it's hard to determine her place in the wedding plans. Here, find 25 ways to make your mom feel special on the big day.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Announce Your Engagement in Style

    Announce Your Engagement in Style

    Whether your parents knew it was coming or not, finding out that your daughter is officially engaged is a major milestone. Put some extra thought into how you'll announce the news.

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  • Choose a Special Song

    Choose a Special Song

    Is there a song your mom always sang to you as a child? Or a song that always makes you think of her? Surprise her by choosing that tune for her ceremony entrance.

  • Walk Down the Aisle

    Walk Down the Aisle

    Invite your mom to join you and your dad for your walk down the aisle. 

  • Wear Her Veil

    Wear Her Veil

    Borrow your mom's veil, and make sure your photographer captures a photo of her placing it on your head.

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  • Something Borrowed

    Something Borrowed

    Wear a piece of your mother's jewelry on your wedding day. Bonus points if she wore that piece on her own wedding day as well. 

  • Wear a Piece of Your Mom’s Gown

    Wear a Piece of Your Mom’s Gown

    Or wrap the stems of your bouquet with the sleeve.

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  • Wear a Piece of Your Mom

    Wear a Piece of Your Mom's Gown

    You can also turn a piece of lace into a garter.

  • Wear a Piece of Your Mom

    Wear a Piece of Your Mom's Gown

    If your mom is okay with you cutting a piece of her gown (is anyone really ever going to wear it again?), there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your own wedding-day look — like turning a piece into a pendant necklace.

    Photo Credit: Green Grass Gifts/Etsy

  • Give a Gift From the Heart

    Give a Gift From the Heart

    It's tradition to give your parents a present before the wedding, but it doesn't have to be costly. A heartfelt letter can mean more than anything.

  • Treat Her to a Pre-Wedding Spa Day

    Treat Her to a Pre-Wedding Spa Day

    Tensions run high during the wedding-planning process. Even the closest mother/daughter duo are likely to have an argument or two. Plan a day where you can melt the stress away together at a spa.  

    Photo Credit: Kip Meyer

  • Give a Toast at the Shower

    Give a Toast at the Shower

    These days, it's more and more common for the mother of the bride to host the bridal shower. Be sure to take a few minutes to thank her for her support.

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  • Make Her Gown-Shopping Experience Special, Too

    Make Her Gown-Shopping Experience Special, Too

    Don't let Mom's attire feel like an afterthought! Plan a special day out with just her, instead of trying to find her gown while picking out your own or while shopping with your bridesmaids. 

  • Take Her Gown Shopping

    Take Her Gown Shopping

    Your mom will be completely honest with you about what looks good (and what doesn't), and there's nothing better than seeing the look on her face when you've found "the one."

    Photo Credit: Photo Love Photography

  • Hit Up Bridal Shows Together

    Hit Up Bridal Shows Together

    Back when Mom got married — in the pre-Internet days — bridal shows were the best way to discover local vendors. Attending shows together will likely serve as a fun bonding experience that'll bring back memories of her own wedding-planning process.

  • Gift a Photo Album

    Gift a Photo Album

    Don't forget to give her some pictures from the big day! Work with your photographer to create a mini parent album.

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  • Celebrate a Post-Wedding Brunch

    Celebrate a Post-Wedding Brunch

    Extend the celebration by enjoying brunch together the day after the wedding.

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  • Use Her Cake Topper

    Use Her Cake Topper

    Vintage cake toppers are back in style; go for the real deal and borrow the topper from your parents' wedding.
  • Create Meaningful Favors

    Create Meaningful Favors

    Whether you bake something together, handcraft the packaging, or just add tags to pre-made favors, work together with your mom to make it special.

  • Give Her Your Bouquet

    Give Her Your Bouquet

    Instead of tossing your bouquet, present it to your mom. 

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  • Showcase Her Favorite Recipe

    Showcase Her Favorite Recipe

    Is your mom known for her cooking? Have your caterer recreate one of her favorite recipes to serve during the cocktail hour or reception.

    Photo courtesy of Beechwood Inn

  • Play Her Wedding Song

    Play Her Wedding Song

    If she and your father are still married, make sure your DJ plays their wedding song and dedicates it to them.

    Photo Credit: Ira Lippke Studios

  • Mother/Daughter Dance

    Mother/Daughter Dance

    There's the first dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance… why not add a mother/daughter dance? 

  • Display Family Wedding Photos

    Display Family Wedding Photos

    Honor your past by putting family wedding photos on display.

    Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

  • Multi-Generational Photos

    Multi-Generational Photos

    Gather your mom and your grandma for some photos you'll all treasure.

  • Blessing of the Rings

    Blessing of the Rings

    Before you and your new husband exchange rings, invite your mom to say a special blessing to commemorate your marriage.

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25 Ways to Include Your Mom in the Wedding

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