Wedding Decorations You Can Reuse as Home Décor After the Big Day

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is choosing the decorations, but it is also one of the most time consuming parts. You spend months choosing the perfect color scheme and what feels like endless hours crafting the perfect tabletop additions. Don’t leave all of your hard work behind at the wedding; bring it home with you! Not only will your home get a nice refresh after the wedding, but your décor will have sentimental value if you use decorations from your wedding.

By: Jacqueline DeMarco

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  • Mementos


    Custom pillows, signs, and other decorations created for your wedding will give your home a personal touch and serve as reminders of your special day.

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

  • Lighting


    All brides want to glow on their wedding day, which is made especially doable by choosing soft lighting for your reception. Take the glow with you by lighting your home with any special lighting fixtures from your wedding. 

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Hanging Lanterns

    Hanging Lanterns

    Hanging lanterns with candles are perfect for brightening up your wedding and your backyard. Suspend them in an entryway for extra light or on your porch for spending romantic summer evenings outside. 

    Photo Credit: Sarah Kate Barger

  • Vases & Branches

    Vases & Branches

    In the warmer months, repurpose the vases from your wedding to design a stunning fireplace display. Jazz up your fireplace by filling it with branches and large glass vases storing candles.

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

  • Chinoiserie


    Chinease-inspired patterns are a classic home décor style, and fortunately, they will look just as elegant at your wedding.

    Photo Credit: Sarah Kate Barger

  • Chalkboard


    Design a chalkboard for your wedding, and use it as a sentimental art piece — or reuse the chalkboard in your kitchen for a fun way to write a grocery list.

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

  • Candy Jars

    Candy Jars

    It seems no wedding is complete without a candy bar, but don’t let the jars and dishes used to store the candy go to waste. Use them in your home to stay organized. You can fill them with cotton balls in your bathroom, food in your pantry, or candy (of course!).

    Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild

  • Cake Trays

    Cake Trays

    Add a little sweetness to your next party by displaying treats on the same cake tray you used for a dessert bar at your wedding. 

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

  • Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board

    A bulletin board is a cute way to display seating cards or mementos, and it can be equally as useful in your home office. 

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Books


    Fabric or leather-bound versions of your favorite books make for meaningful decorations at your reception that will also look great on your bookshelves at home. 

    Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild

  • Birdcage


    Birdcages make for charming decorations inside and outdoors. Store a potted plant or beloved trinkets in a distressed version for a vintage look.

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Beverage Dispensers

    Beverage Dispensers

    If you love to throw parties, then you will definitely get your money’s worth out of cute yet sturdy beverage dispensers. You will be glad you have them for every baby shower, barbeque, or family get-together after the big day.

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Bar Cart

    Bar Cart

    Bar carts can be used for more than just storing your favorite cocktail ingredients. Use one in your wedding as a candy cart, then repurpose in your home as a bar cart, side table, or whatever your heart desires. 

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

  • Art


    Frame a beloved photo and have wedding guests write notes on the matting. It will be a fun activity for your guests, and you will have a special piece of art to hang in your home. 

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

  • Wooden Bowls

    Wooden Bowls

    A large wooden bowl can be used to store corsages or small favors (like matchbooks) at your wedding — and for your car keys and sunglasses at home.

    Photo Credit: Sarah Kate Barger

  • Votives


    Keep your centerpieces simple with candle votives that you can sprinkle throughout your home. Add to your mantle, dining table, bathroom, or wherever you like to light candles. 

    Photo Credit: Sarah Kate Barger

  • Twinkle Lights

    Twinkle Lights

    White twinkle lights are a wedding décor staple these days, but don’t forget they can be saved for holiday decorations or for outdoor parties as well.

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Tea Cups

    Tea Cups

    Tea cups make lovely décor for a vintage-inspired wedding; bring a special set home with you and make your morning coffee or tea feel extra special every day. 

    Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild

  • Succulents


    Succulents are all the rage and are replacing gardens and floral arrangement everywhere. These low-maintenance plants will last long after the wedding day and can add a little green to both your wedding and home. 

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Symbol of Your Relationship

    Symbol of Your Relationship

    Choose something symbolic between you and your fiancé, and feature it at your wedding. If your first date was at a country music concert, choose cowboy boots. If you wrote countless love letters during a long distance relationship, consider a typewriter. 

    Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild

  • Rug


    Rugs can warm up hardwood floors at your wedding and the floors in your home. Use an area rug to distinguish the spot where you exchange vows; after the big day, you'll be reminded of your vows every time you see it at home.

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

  • Pillows


    Whether indoors or outside, jazz up average seating areas with decorative pillows — and if you choose ones that match your home décor, you can also add some extra comfort to your couch at home.

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Picture Frames

    Picture Frames

    Use your wedding as an excuse to print all of the photos that live on your computer and display them in beautiful frames. Your guests will love seeing your happy memories, and you will cherish them at home for many years to come. 

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Picture Banner

    Picture Banner

    For brides on a budget, consider making a banner out of your favorite photos instead. Aside from the cost-savings, you'll appreciate the ease of hanging photos back at home with just a little tape.

    Photo Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan

  • Paper Lanterns

    Paper Lanterns

    Paper lanterns are a pretty and inexpensive way to add a festive feel to your wedding, and they will feel just as festive in your backyard.

    Photo Credit: Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

Wedding Decorations You Can Reuse as Home Décor After the Big Day

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