50 Must-Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

Whether they’re your sisters, best friends, or college roommates, your bridesmaids have your back at all times and have been there every step of the way, both during wedding planning and your friendship. It’s only fitting to capture the moments with them by your side while you embark on the next chapter. From the genuine and sentimental to the crazy and fun, you’ll want these shots on your bridesmaid photo shot list. 

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Love


    These letters not only characterize the romance of the day but also make for a fun photo with your 'maids. Void of props? Use your arms to spell out the word instead.

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    Photo Credit: Rachwal Photography

  • See No Evil

    See No Evil

    This playful shot shows perfectly shows off both bouquets and dresses.

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    Photo Credit: Chard Photographer

  • In the Pews

    In the Pews

    Once the guests are off to cocktail hour, take advantage of the church one last time for a photo op. With the bridesmaids staggered in the pews, this shot lets the bride take center stage in the aisle. 

    Photo Credit: VUE Photography

  • Goofing Off

    Goofing Off

    Goofy photos let you and your bridesmaids show off your individual personalities. They’re also great for those in the party who don’t feel comfortable posing.

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    Photo Credit: Braxton Black of JLP & Associates

  • Looking at Each Other

    Looking at Each Other

    Sometimes, there isn’t any fun in being perfectly composed. A snap of your best friends looking at each other with affection shows your sisterhood at its finest. Can you feel the love?

  • The Bouquet Shot

    The Bouquet Shot

    Use an artistic angle to show off those florals and succulents you pain-stakingly obsessed over.

  • The Serious Face

    The Serious Face

    With a hint of glamor and a little bit sultry, the serious face look can result in a stunning shot worthy of a fashion magazine.

    Photo Credit: Pepper Nix Photography

  • On the Docks

    On the Docks

    Forget formal photos — this shot of these carefree barefoot beauties proves that natural photos take the cake. If you have a waterfront wedding, find the dock nearest you; it’s the perfect prop.

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  • Under the Veil

    Under the Veil

    Get creative — fit your bridal party under your veil for a fun shot!

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    Photo Credit: Barnet Photography

  • Kiss From the Maids

    Kiss From the Maids

    Now flip the script! Let your bridesmaids shower you with affection just once more — you deserve it. 

    Photo Credit: Grey Bird Gallleries

  • Kiss to the Maids

    Kiss to the Maids

    Pucker up — blow your bridesmaids a kiss as a thank-you for all their hard work and support.

    Photo Credit: Jeremy Bustos of StudioThisIs

  • Pinwheel Props

    Pinwheel Props

    Rigid smiles? Not in your bridal party. Props put everyone at ease, making for fun and natural photos. These colorful pinwheels add a dash of whimsy and quirkiness.

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    Photo Credit: Aubrey Joy Photography

  • The Candid Shot

    The Candid Shot

    Sometimes the best photos are those unstaged. Candid shots such as this one capture you and your girls in your natural element and highlight the essence of your friendship.

    Photo Credit: Lara Hotz

  • Circle of Friendship

    Circle of Friendship

    Take to the floor! This laid-back circle of friendship is nothing but boho vibes, perfect for a woodland wedding.

  • Groomsmen’s Jackets

    Groomsmen’s Jackets

    And you thought your look was complete — until you donned the boys’ apparel, that is. The juxtaposition of menswear with glamorous dresses makes for a playfully charming snap.

    Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild

  • Sitting Down

    Sitting Down

    We love how this stunning photo highlights the venue, the bride’s beautiful lace gown, her pastel posse, and their adoring looks all in one.

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    Photo Credit: Skyla Walton Photography

  • Confetti


    Because who doesn’t love to throw confetti?

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  • The Behind Shot, Part II

    The Behind Shot, Part II

    Go against the grain and look back at the camera — you are the bride, after all.

    Photo Credit: Kim Le Photography

  • The Behind Shot

    The Behind Shot

    This serene and peaceful snap says, “we have each other’s backs.” Not only does it capture a moment of reflection, but it’s a great way to show off your train and the back of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

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    Photo Credit: This Modern Romance

  • Bouquet Cheers

    Bouquet Cheers

    Up, down, to the side — have a little fun when it comes to celebrating with your bouquets. 

  • The Laughing Shot

    The Laughing Shot

    A giggle between best friends captured in between all the formal photos makes for a raw and real photo.

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    Photo Credit: Grey Bird Gallleries

  • Side Angle

    Side Angle

    Another alternative to the standard front pose, a side angle adds a bit of flair and creativity. Pretty parasols offer a feminine, romantic vibe.

  • Out the Window

    Out the Window

    The perfect last dressing room memory, this moment is a metaphorical adieu before your girls send you off to your groom. Looking out the window symbolizes looking to the future ahead — or it can just be a way to spy on guests as they arrive.

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    Photo Credit: Abbey Conroy

  • Bad Bridesmaids

    Bad Bridesmaids

    We love the dysfunction of this cheeky photo that plays up typical bridesmaid antics. Which one are you guilty of?

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  • How’d You Meet the Bride?

    How’d You Meet the Bride?

    Have each of your bridesmaids hold up a sign saying how she met you (or her relation to you) for a personalized picture. Plus, it’ll help you remember that you met Anna in college when you’re in your rocking chair sixty years down the road!

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    Photo Credit: Katy Hall

  • The Selfie Shot

    The Selfie Shot

    Of course you’ve got to gather your squad for a selfie, but make sure your photographer is there to capture the selfie in action for a fun twist. What better way to capture the genuine happiness around you and show off the beautiful results of all that primping? 

    Photo Credit: Katelyn James

  • Cheers


    A toast to the bride — and those who helped make her day so special — is definitely in order. The circle effect created by the from-below angle not only makes for a unique shot, but focuses attention on what’s at hand, literally — the bubbly.

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  • Popping Bottles

    Popping Bottles

    All those hours of primping and prepping are hard work! Add a bit of fizz to your morning with a champagne splash.

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  • Dressing Room Fun

    Dressing Room Fun

    You’ll be a bundle of nerves and energy in the morning, so things are bound to get a little goofy in the dressing room, providing for the perfect photo op.

  • The iPhone Shot

    The iPhone Shot

    We are in the age of technology, after all. It’s only fitting to get a snap of the bridesmaids documenting your stunning debut via iPhone — a modern take on the first look.

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    Photo Credit: David Mielcarik

  • First Look

    First Look

    Capturing the look on everyone’s faces once you’re all dolled up is priceless. Pre-ceremony emotions are ones you’ll cherish forever.

  • Pinning the Veil

    Pinning the Veil

    The final touch to getting ready, fastening the veil is a sweet moment you’ll want to capture. Besides, you’ll want a close-up of the veil’s pretty details.

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    Photo Credit: Mark Tattersall

  • Slipping on the Garter

    Slipping on the Garter

    Sliding on the garter can be a little difficult if you have to battle a lot of tulle, but that’s what your posse is for.

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  • Zip it Up

    Zip it Up

    Slipping into your wedding gown is no easy feat. Capture your team in action helping you put on your dream dress. You might want to get your mom in on this one, too.

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    Photo Credit: Jana Williams

  • All Dolled Up

    All Dolled Up

    Getting ready together is half the fun! Whether you’re wearing robes, pajamas, or boyfriend shirts, the matching pre-dress glam shot is a staple.

    Photo Credit: Jessica Fairchild

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror

    Primping time isn’t fun without your girlfriends, and it isn’t done right without their helping hands. Whether they’re taming flyways or adjusting your jewelry, document all those behind the scenes moments. Use a mirror to your advantage for creative photo options. 

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  • Jump for Joy

    Jump for Joy

    Getting married doesn’t mean you always have to be an adult, right? There’s nothing like carefree innocence. Throw it back to your slumber party days, and jump on the bed with your best friends in excitement for the big day.

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    Photo Credit: Il Mare Photography

  • Perspective


    In need of a backdrop? That’s what your bridesmaids are for. Distance and space bring a whole new perspective — literally. 

    Photo Credit: Landino Photo

  • End of the Night

    End of the Night

    Sweet and sentimental, a group hug on the dance floor at the night’s end epitomizes the close bond of your friendship and a moment you’ll always remember.

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    Photo Credit: Arna Bee

  • Stunna Shades

    Stunna Shades

    Because you and your girls are stunners — and so hot that you need to put your blinders on.

  • On the Bed

    On the Bed

    Don’t forget to capture all the moments before you walk down the aisle with your girls. You really can’t have enough getting ready shots, including this classic snuggled-up-on-the-bed pose.

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    Photo Credit: Barnet Photography

  • Holding Hands

    Holding Hands

    This simple gesture symbolizes that your bridesmaids are by your side through the good times and the bad.

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    Photo Credit: Kyle Hale

  • Peek-A-Boo


    Line your ladies up behind you for an adorably silly photo op.

  • Drink Up

    Drink Up

    This boozy shot is just pure fun. Enjoy a drink in the bar pre-ceremony with your girls to relieve any pre-wedding jitters.

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    Photo Credit: Miller + Miller

  • Look Back At It

    Look Back At It

    A little bit sassy, cute, and lively, the “turn-around” pose offers a fresh take on the classic bridesmaid stance.

  • The Shoe Shot

    The Shoe Shot

    The dresses often steal all the credit, but what’s a girl without a pair of killer shoes? We love how this line up draws attention to fabulous pumps without distracting from the girls wearing them.

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    Photo Credit: Greggo Photography

  • Stairway to Bride

    Stairway to Bride

    Staircases provide so much creative freedom when it comes to backdrops. This glamorous photo reminds us of a cast photo for a TV show.

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    Photo Credit: Jana Williams

  • En Route

    En Route

    Years from now, a darling photo en route to the ceremony will remind you of the mix of excitement and butterflies in your stomach you felt on your way to the aisle, along with the friends who helped you get through it all. 

  • Abbey Road

    Abbey Road

    This stunning candid shot reminds us of a bridal version of The Beatles’ "Abbey Road" cover. Think of it as the “artsy photo” for your wedding album.

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  • Ready to Walk

    Ready to Walk

    This precious moment as the bridesmaids pick up bride’s dress to walk to the ceremony transforms ordinary to special.

    Photo Credit: Archetype Studio

50 Must-Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

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