25 Gorgeous Spring Bridesmaid Dresses from Real Weddings


From morning mist blue to lovely lavender, The Dessy Group has infinite options for springtime bridesmaid dresses. Take a look at these gorgeous warm-weather frocks from real weddings to get you and your crew in the "I do" spirit! 

By: Jacklyn Wertman

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  • Magnificent Morning Sky

    Magnificent Morning Sky

    Something borrowed, something blue, you've got the best looking "I do" crew in this gorgeous shade.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Tantalizing Tiffany Blue

    Tantalizing Tiffany Blue

    Friends who slay together in Tiffany Blue, stay together.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Chic Muted Blue

    Chic Muted Blue

    Have your ladies give the cold shoulder in these lovely, muted blue bridesmaid gowns.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Bewitching Blue Mist

    Bewitching Blue Mist

    These flower crowns are giving us major secret garden vibes, and go so well with these dresses! 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Sultry Slate

    Sultry Slate

    Off-the-shoulder dresses and up-dos make for a picture-perfect bridesmaid crew.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Silky Blue

    Silky Blue

    These high-low dresses give your 'maids that needed room to drop it low on the dance floor, and show off their shoes!

    Photo: Dessy

  • Periwinkle Twinkle

    Periwinkle Twinkle

    The only wedding blues you should be having on your big day!

    Photo: Dessy

  • Shades of Blue

    Shades of Blue

    Gather up your crew in every shade in the book! Bonus points for patterned numbers.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Sea-Foam Green Goddesses

    Sea-Foam Green Goddesses

    These halter bridesmaid dresses are mint to be! 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Lovely Lavender

    Lovely Lavender

    Have your bridesmaids look like royalty in gorgeous purple dresses. 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Shades of Purple

    Shades of Purple

    Lavender and Lilac and Pastels, oh my! 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Dashing in Dusty Rose

    Dashing in Dusty Rose

    Make memories in this lovely shade of rose.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Magically Mauve

    Magically Mauve

    Mauve over, these bridesmaids are slaying the fashion game!

    Photo: Dessy

  • Delight in Dusty Rose

    Delight in Dusty Rose

    Perfect for an array of skin tones, this color is sure to bring a smile to your girls' faces.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Berry Beautiful

    Berry Beautiful

    We are here for these mixed pink toned bridesmaid dresses! 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Blushing Bridesmaids

    Blushing Bridesmaids

    Airy and light are just a few words to describe these beachy, blush bridesmaid dresses.

    Photo: Dessy

  • Beautiful in Blush

    Beautiful in Blush

    Light pink bridesmaid dresses serve as the perfect juxtaposition to a white wedding gown. 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Peachy Keen

    Peachy Keen

    Effortlessly pretty in peach!

    Photo: Dessy

  • Blush Tones

    Blush Tones

    Pale pink punctuates a stellar bridesmaid look.  

    Photo: Dessy

  • Perfectly Patterned

    Perfectly Patterned

    Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Marvelous Moon

    Marvelous Moon

    Mirror the lightness in the dark of night with a moon-colored gown. 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Mixed Pastels

    Mixed Pastels

    Who run the world? Your girls in mixed pastels!

    Photo: Dessy

  • Creatively Khaki

    Creatively Khaki

    Bridesmaids look modern and sleek in khaki colored dresses. 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Nostalgic Neutrals

    Nostalgic Neutrals

    Your crew will shine in this neutral tone. 

    Photo: Dessy

  • Rainbow Pastels

    Rainbow Pastels

    Mix it up with spring shades for your squad. 

    Photo: Dessy

25 Gorgeous Spring Bridesmaid Dresses from Real Weddings