Top Wedding Trends for 2013

Well, hello 2013! What's the chic look in flowers this year? And which cake flavors are in demand? Here, the delicious details.
Rachel Griffiths

The Music Playlist

Remember when you’d only hear Motown, ’80s tunes and hits off the pop charts at weddings? That won’t be the case in 2013 says Rob Principe of Scratch Weddings, one of the country’s top DJ services. “It’s the iPod generation now: Brides have 5,000 songs on something the size of their thumb.”

The result? They’re demanding a more customized music experience. “They want electronic dance music, then Bruno Mars, Mumford & Sons, sexy Brazilian house or bossa nova,” Rob says. And don’t be surprised if you see live musicians that play along with the DJ. “At the cocktail hour, you can have a percussionist and the DJ together—like having live music embroider the DJ’s 1,000-song playlist,” Rob explains.

wedding dancing

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