Top Wedding Trends for 2013

Well, hello 2013! What's the chic look in flowers this year? And which cake flavors are in demand? Here, the delicious details.
Rachel Griffiths

Wedding Cakes

An oh-so-stylish wedding cake is just one easy recipe away (with a little help from baker extraordinaire Kate Sullivan of New York’s Cake Power).

First step: Pick your silhouette. Tall and slender is the look du jour, with a mix of single and double-height tiers.

Second step: Add a dash of flavor. Red velvet, chocolate and vanilla take the top spots, but 2013 brides will request filling with mouth-puckering tastes like mango or passionfruit. And still in style? Requesting a different flavor for each layer.

Third step: Find your look. The first cake style that dominates right now is clean and modern with just one amazing pop of embellishment such as a bow, monogram or flower. The other major look takes the opposite tack, using eye-popping color or all-over appliqués. And finally, a traditional idea has come around again: Brides are loving cakes that mimic wedding-dress details like lace.

floral wedding cake
Photo Credit: Cake Power

The cherry on top: Look to see something unexpected nestled in among the sugar flowers. Kate predicts there will be more and more minisculptures on cakes (think little hummingbirds made out of modeling chocolate).


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