Arrive in Style: Wedding Transportation Ideas

Traditional limousine? Vintage car? Horse and carriage? Use these transportation tips to get your wedding show on the road.

arrive in styleWhen it comes to booking your wedding wheels, you can't go wrong by hiring some sleek, shiny limousines to shuttle you and your bridal party about. But consider your other options: You can have your attendants transported by a party bus or trolley, while you and your Dad ride to the ceremony in a vintage Rolls-Royce or even a horse-drawn carriage. Later, you and your new hubby can be whisked away from the reception in a flashy sports car. Whatever type of vehicle you choose, be sure to follow these "road rules."

Start Your Engines

Make your transportation arrangements at least six months before your wedding day. If you're getting married during prom season—late March through late June—consider allowing eight to twelve months. Your wedding reception site manager should be able to refer you to reliable companies. The National Limousine Association ( has a database full of companies that rent not just limos, but buses, trolleys and specialty cars (vintage models and snazzy sports cars, like a convertible red Corvette—sexy!). For horse-and-buggy options, look in the Yellow Pages, under "Horse and Carriage Services."

Who Needs a Ride?

Limo companies can help you determine how many wedding day vehicles you should book, but here are some guidelines: Standard limos seat four to six passengers; stretch limos hold eight to 10 people; and some stretch SUVs and Hummers can seat up to 20. Remember that you'll need to arrange transportation for three "legs" of your day.

For travel to the wedding ceremony, secure one vehicle for yourself and your bridesmaids and another for the groom and his groomsmen. If you want to ride to the wedding ceremony alone with your Dad, book an additional vehicle for that purpose; your wedding attendants can ride by themselves.

For the journey from the ceremony to the reception, have at least two of these limos on hand: You and your husband will ride in one and your bridal party will travel in the other (some bridesmaids and groomsmen might prefer to ride separately, with their spouses, dates or friends). After the reception, you'll need just one limo, to transport you and your husband to the place where you'll be spending the night.

Some brides and grooms also provide a shuttle service for their out-of-town guests, in order to prevent drinking and driving (cost: approximately $75 to $150 per hour, depending on where you live). To find a charter bus company in your area, consult your local Yellow Pages, under "Bus Charter and Rental Services." You might also try USA Bus Charter, Inc. (, which provides service in over 350 cities and is recommended by the American Bus Association.