Second Weddings

Are the rules different for a second wedding? Here's everything you need to know to remarry the right way.

second weddings

Planning your second wedding should be a source of joy, not stress, so don't get caught up in what you think you should do differently. Here's an etiquette guide to help you plan your dream celebration with confidence and ease.

Is it okay to wear white?

Yes! When it comes to attire, you call the shots. If you want to wear a traditional white wedding gown with all the fabulous tulle and satin trimmings, go for it. After all, celebrities don't give the "wearing white" issue much thought just look at Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Diane Lane. The only question that may give pause is whether to wear a veil or a gown that has a train. Although the majority of second-timers choose not to, we don't see any reason why you shouldn"t. Other headpiece options include flowers, a tiara or a pretty, wide-brimmed hat.

Formality issues

You might think that a second wedding necessitates modest, low-key revelry, especially if your first wedding was off-the-hook elaborate. Second weddings do tend to be more intimate (e.g., smallish guest lists), but there's no reason not to throw a big shebang. Remember, it's your choice: The point is to bask in the glory of your union—don't hold back.

Registering for gifts

Is this appropriate? By all means. You might already have the fine china, silver and crystal categories covered, so consider registering for "fun" gifts—camping equipment, electronics, sushi sets and so on. Some travel agencies set up a system so that guests can contribute to a couple's honeymoon fund. And asking guests to make an optional donation to a charity in lieu of a gift is always in good taste.