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March 21, 2012  
On your personalized wedding website, let guests know about blocks of open time – such as ‘Saturday morning is yours to plan as you wish!’ – so that they can make plans to socialize with each other.

March 20, 2012  
Leave some extra free time in your wedding weekend for visiting with friends who’ve come into town for your wedding. Having a free morning means you can meet them for brunch! 

March 19, 2012  
Go glam with your wedding day shoes, such as a glittery designer pair you’ll wear again in the future, rather than bridal white shoes you won’t get as much secondary use from. 

March 18, 2012  
Use those fun wedding-themed shoe-sole decals, such as I Do!, at your rehearsal if you love them but don’t want them on your wedding day shoes.

March 17, 2012  
Plan a family-friendly wedding weekend outing such as a visit to a great, local zoo. This day trip is not just fun, it eliminates hosting-at-home party prep and cleanup.

March 16, 2012  
One of the top unique locations for a rehearsal dinner or wedding is an estate house, with grand gardens and a Great Gatsby-esque feel.

March 15, 2012  
Make your rehearsal dinner a celebrity-chic White Party, where all guests including you wear white and the room is set up in white décor (thanks, Kyle from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!)

March 14, 2012  
Save your personalized aisle runner for your first anniversary, or for future anniversary celebrations, even your wedding vow renewal party years from now.

March 13, 2012  
Place a candy dish by your guest book! Offer unique treats like candied ginger, or go with traditional candied Almonds for a sweet surprise at sign-in!

March 12, 2012  
Get some funky, fun nail art for your bachelorette’s party! Vivid patterns and metallic crackle designs are hot now, and this party is perfect for wilder nail designs.

March 11, 2012  
Grooms say they want to get their brides little gifts during the planning, so let yours know that you’d love a pair of spa socks, a hand cream, a novel, just a little something fun.

March 10, 2012  
Have your lighting effects change with your time of day – lighter shades for daytime and sultry oranges, hot pinks or purples for night hours.

March 9, 2012  
LED lights don’t get hot, so they’re often chosen as safer lighting effects to place on table linens or by ice sculptures.

March 8, 2012  
Chandeliers are a top reception décor trend, so either have your coordinator bring in chandeliers or decorate your site’s existing lighting fixtures.

March 7, 2012  
Grooms are choosing a sentimental flower for their lapels…perhaps a flower special to his heritage or a story in his family history, like his grandmother’s rose garden.

March 6, 2012  
If you love the look of extensions, choose a model and style you can unclip and wear again, perhaps on your honeymoon!

March 5, 2012  
Put a song on your playlist for a special dance with your siblings. It doesn’t have to be a spotlight dance after your Dad-dance…it can just be a great song for later in the reception.

March 4, 2012  
Avoid Second Dress Regret! Picking a colored dress could make you look like a wedding guest – not the bride – in your reception photos.

March 3, 2012  
Send stylish print invites to your after-party guests, to give yourself another enjoyable experience in invitation-choosing!

March 2, 2012  
Send pretty print invites for your morning-after breakfast…this is a fun, creative task that mom-hosts love to work on!

March 1, 2012  
Know your reception site’s guaranteed minimum headcount as you make your guest list, and have a backup list ready to fill spots to meet the amount you’re paying for.

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