Introducing: David Tutera's Wedding Planners

Have David Tutera plan your wedding — for a fraction of the cost.
David Tutera

If you're newly-engaged, you likely have some anxious thoughts running through your head:  “OMG, I have a ring on my finger. OMG, I’m going to have a wedding. Holy moly, I have no idea what I’m doing, and I need a wedding planner, but I can’t afford a wedding planner. GOSH, I wish I had David Tutera to help me plan my wedding, but he’s too busy and I can’t afford him. But wait a minute! I can use David Tutera Wedding Planners!”

Yup, there is a solution to everything, and you can have everything I have taught everyone for 26 years all wrapped up in a big white bow. How? Because now you can have the David Tutera Wedding Planning experience by subscribing to my very own wedding planning program. It takes you through each step and everything you need to know, including live one-on-one chats, 24/7 customer service and coaches available by phone who can walk you through the experience of having a wedding planner, and who are directly connected to me. 

Now, you say, “How is that possible? How could David Tutera really plan my wedding?” The answer is that every one of the wedding planners has been coached by me personally. They have my philosophy, my passion, my emotion, my sensibility, and my knowledge, so they can give you an experience that will allow you to walk down the aisle in style with grace and confidence, so you can be a guest at your own wedding.

I've arranged for every bride-to-be to get access to my planners free for 14-days. So, guess what? You can now say, “OMG, I’ve got David Tutera as my wedding planner.” Sign up at