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incredible special effect wedding photo
Photo Credit: William Walker Photography

Why We Love It: This incredible special effect was achieved with steel wool and a 9-volt battery!

How? Photographer William Walker explains: "First off, this is a long exposure. The shutter was open for 31 seconds while the camera was on a tripod. The couple, Maggie and Andy, had to stand very still (in the dark) while my assistant (my wife Jessica) stood behind them with steel wool on a rope. I opened the shutter, and Jessica lit the steel wool on fire with a 9 volt battery (a little Boy Scout trick!) and swung the flaming steel wool in a circle, throwing sparks everywhere. Once the steel wool burned out, I had Jess run out of the shot. Then I used an off-camera flash to illuminate Maggie and Andy from the front and side, then closed the shutter, ending the exposure. Because Jess wasn't in the shot when the flash went off, she is invisible in the shot because there was no light to expose her. I'm still experimenting with this technique but we had a lot of fun doing this!"

incredible special effect

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