Ring in the New Year: Megan & Matt in Farmington, MO

The couple saw each other for the first time that day when Megan walked down the aisle. "It was very important to Matt to wait until the ceremony to see each other. I'm glad we waited; the look on his face was priceless."


During the ceremony, the couple incorporated their religion with a unity candle and by playing some of their favorite hymns. They stuck to the traditional vows during the ceremony but also exchanged personalized vows in private. 


Megan's cousin, Kelli, wrote a poem that she read during the ceremony — a revision of the ever-popular Corinthians. Here's a sampling:


"Love drives around late at night in an unfamiliar town

to find the only gas station that is open, so you can use the bathroom.

Love forgets that embarrassing thing you did that one time.

Love overlooks, and comforts, and plays a video game with you.

Even when that video game is obviously pointless/boring/a waste of time.

Love steals onto the couch to whisper in her cousin's ear,

'You'll never guess, that guy? I think I might love him,

But don't say anything yet.'

I assume I can say something now."

Photo Credit: Turner Creative Photography

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