Disneyland Adventure: Jennifer & Peter in Anaheim, CA

"We both say it was love at first sight, but Peter was so shy when he first met me that he'd literally run away from me after I'd say hello!" Jennifer recalled. "He says he was so nervous around me that his instinct was to take off before he'd say anything embarrassing." 


Luckily, Peter got over his initial fright and asked Jennifer out on a date — and two years later, he proposed in Disneyland.


Early in their relationship, Peter was sent to work in Paris, France. Each night, he wrote Jennifer a fairy tale story revolving around a princess (her) and a frog prince (him). For the proposal, he sent her on a scavenger hunt in Disneyland using the premise of his fairy tale stories, ending with him on one knee asking her to marry him. 


The couple planned their own "happily ever after" at Disneyland, incorporating their favorite Disney elements and their nickname as a couple, PB&J (their initials). "Peter jokes that [our nickname] is perfect because we were made for each other, just like peanut butter and jelly!"

Photo Credit: Ari Simphoukham Photography

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