Explore the Land Down Under

Fabulous snorkeling, golfing, scenery and luxe resorts have put Australia on top of the world.
Dena Braun

Offering the world’s oldest rain forest, the largest coral-reef system on Earth, as well as several of the top beaches, the northwest region of Australia is vacation nirvana. Whether you prefer spending your days snorkeling, sailing or spa-ing, we’ve got the right honeymoon for you.

For DIYers

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Whitsunday Island looks like virgin territory.

Set sail into married life with a chartered cruise exploring the hidden bays, inlets and coves around the 74-isle Whitsunday Archipelago, located near the Great Barrier Reef. With the freedom to set your own itinerary, you can drop anchor anywhere for an impromptu swim at a deserted beach or a hike across rocky landscape. Come dusk, enjoy the silence together as you watch the sun set into the sea.

Sunsail Charter Company, based on Hamilton Island, provides vessels that range from power catamarans to ultraluxe yachts. Each is equipped with up-to-the-minute safety features, full galley kitchens and snorkeling gear; most offer autopilot and GPS. And while no certification or license is necessary to charter a boat, Sunsail requires that at least one of you have prior sailing experience. The company offers a five-night honeymoon package onboard the Sun Odyssey, a 32-foot yacht, which includes fuel, insurance, overnight mooring fees, transfers, a guided first day and a romantic dinner at Pepper’s Palm Bay on Long Island. Even if you do lack sailing experience, you can still explore the high seas by opting for the six-day land and sea package with an onboard crew. You’ll spend three nights aboard a 46-foot catamaran enjoying gourmet meals and activities like snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking. Then you’ll choose among resorts on Hamilton, Hayman or Daydream Islands and stay put for the rest of the time (sunsail.com.au).