Bridal Party Q&As

Guidelines about the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved, from maid of honor on down.
Diane Forden, Editor-in-Chief

Q: My fiance's sister-in-law wants to be one of my bridesmaids and his mother told him it's proper etiquette to include her. Is this true? I really don't know her well and I'm not sure what to do.

A: Don't feel pressured to ask anyone you're not close to, to be in your bridal party. There are no etiquette rules stating that a future sister-in-law, cousin, etc., must be an attendant. She probably wants to be included because her husband will be a groomsmen. If there are other friends and relatives you'd rather have, then by all means ask them instead, and make sure your fiance supports your decision. You can still include your future sister-in-law by asking her to do the honor of giving a special reading at the ceremony.

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