Everything You Need to Know About Destination Weddings

Thinking about a wedding in a far-off locale? Here's everything you need to know. Plus, check out our new e-brochure to find your perfect destination!
Denise Schipani

Caring for Your Guests

You are set to have the time of your life. But your guests? Let’s face it: If you hadn’t invited them to your wedding, they may not have chosen to visit this particular spot. So be sure to include warm and welcoming touches (and plenty of fun aside from the wedding) to keep guests happy.

guest bag1. Put together welcome bags or baskets. This is simple to do and well received by travel-weary guests. Offer things like a map and a list of local attractions, an itinerary for wedding-related activities, bottles of water and snacks for the room. And toss in fun stuff—flip-flops for your beach wedding, a waterproof one-time-use camera, a spa gift certificate if you can swing the cost.

2. Investigate activity options to please a wide range of ages and proclivities. If your locale is great for hiking, kayaking or windsurfing, schedule a group activity for the day before or after the wedding. For those who may not want to take part, arrange a sightseeing tour.

3. Figure out if anyone will need special help, and take care of it. Does your grandmother need a wheelchair or your sister a crib for her baby? Arrange these things with the hotel in advance. If there will be children, check with the resort about babysitting services.

4. Make reserving a no-brainer, and pay for whatever your budget allows (such as breakfasts or a group activity). Generally accepted etiquette says that guests, including the bridal party, pay for lodgings, but do fi nd out if your hotel offers a discount for groups (many do). Arrange a welcome cocktail party or light supper, as well as breakfast or brunch the day after the wedding.

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