Fantasy Victoria's Secret Lingerie: Which Would You Wear?

The Annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is infamous for its high-energy, fun catwalk (bedecked in glitter, natch) and equally rousing musical performances (this year, Beyonce sang along with husband Jay-Z from the sidelines). 

Missed last night's airing? We've uncovered all of the new lingerie collections inspired by the 2011 show, now available at angelic prices. Select your fantasy theme based on your honeymoon destination—props optional.

If You're Traveling On A...


1. Classic European Honeymoon: Try the Passion Collection

This collection embodies the bold colors and textures of Spain. Slip into one of these outfits after the excitement of visiting art exhibitions and wining/dining your way through the hottest restaurants in town.

Get the Very Sexy Seduction™ Push-up Bra (pictured above).

Get the Miraculous® Push-up Bra (pictured above).

Get the Dream Angels® Push-up Bra (pictured above).


2. Continental United States Escape: Try the "Put a Spell on You" Collection

Evoke the magical spirit of New Orleans in turn-of-the-century boudoir. Ideal for unconventional brides who are looking for adventure close to home.

Get the Lace Merry Widow outfit (pictured above).

Get the Full Cup Demi Bra (pictured above).

Runway-only. Get the look with a girlie polka dot print and demure bows.


3. Island Getaway: Try the Angels Aquatic Collection

Forget snorkeling: He won't be able to take his eyes off of you in iridescent treasures from a dazzling deep sea world. The tranquil blues and greens fit your easy-breezy beach bum style perfectly.

Miranda Kerr (who gave birth less than a year ago!) model's this year's Fantasy Treasure Bra, featuring diamonds. Get the look with Swarovski® Elements bras from the collection, instead.

Get the Embellished Push-up Bra with Swarovski® Elements (pictured above).

This sparkly nude ensemble is reminiscent of Britney Spears' getup circa the 2000 MTV  Video Music Awards, and recently made an appearance on Jennifer Lopez at this year's AMA's.


4. Castle Tour: Try the Ballet Collection

If you're a princess bride at heart (and you've got the tiara to prove it) then try this line, which is one part Degas and two parts daring.

Not available in stores, but there are plenty of lookalikes, such as the Dream Angels® Demi Bra.

We love this gorgeous lilac hue—now if only it came with gold-wrapped flowers...

Get the Dream Angels® Push-up Bra (pictured above).


5. Off-the-Beaten-Path Trip: Try the "Adventurous Super Angels" Collection

If you're an adventurous bride that can be found kayaking, biking, and mountain-climbing your way through multiple countries, then show off your superhero status.

Those sexy boots come at a price: In a behind-the-scenes clip, assistants had to pull and heave them off of the models!

Get the Push-up Bra with Gel-Curve®  (pictured above).

The stuff of comic book geeks' dreams.


Tell us: Which collection is your favorite? 

Then take our quiz to find out where you should travel on your honeymoon!


—Stefania Sainato

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