Sofia Vergara Gets a Surprise Bachelorette Party on 'Ellen'

During Modern Family star Sofia Vergara's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, the talk show host continued her tradition of wedding-related pranks — and this one got a bit more racy than Kaley Cuoco's surprise wedding

But first, Vergara addressed the rumors that she's planning not just one but three wedding celebrations.

"No, but it's been awful because since that news came out, all my family is so excited, and they're already planning outfits! They're like, 'What are we going to do?' 'How are you going to get us there?' And I'm like, it's horrible. I'm disappointed to have to tell them that that is not true. I haven't even planned anything."

She's facing a dilemma that many brides-to-be can related to — "It's either I do something really big, or I do something really small with Nick and I and my son. And then my mom, and then my cousins, and then it's impossible to do anything," she explained.

At least Vergara won't have to worry about organizing a bachelorette party — Ellen's got her covered! When a "barista" came out to serve Vergara her favorite coffee, she had a feeling that Ellen might be up to something — but she certainly didn't expect what happened next. Watch the video:

—Kristen Klein

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