If I Could Register Again: Space-Savers

You don’t have to live in a cramped New York City apartment (as my husband and I do) to appreciate the mini-me-sized approach to design. These products pack mega benefits in petite packages. Here, five ways to live large in a small space.

Who wants to push around a mongo vacuum cleaner when the Dyson DC50 gets the job done so efficiently? It’s lighter and smaller than its full-sized sister models, yet packs the same high performance, along with a new and more sophisticated patented brush-bar technology that self-adjusts to clean fine dust from hard floors with carbon fiber filaments, while stiff nylon bristles remove dirt from carpets ($499.99, dyson.com).

dyson dc50 vacuum

With its click-on, click-off handles, Cristel — stylish, stainless cookware from France — transitions from stove to tabletop with ease. But what we really value is how each piece stacks and nests into another for space saving of the highest order (from $99, cristelusa.com).

cristel stainless steel cookware

Joseph Joseph Prep and Serve. Now here’s a clever way to wash, drain and serve fresh veggies, berries or salad fixings in one easy go. Just rinse food in the main part of the bowl, tip to drain excess water through the integrated colander, and voilà — everything’s ready to serve in the same bowl ($13, josephjoseph.com).

joseph joseph prep and serve

Think about it: How often do you really use a pot lid? Why not rid your cabinets of random and unused pot-cover clutter by swapping it out for All-Clad’s Universal Lid? The picture of versatility, this long-handled flat-disk design can be used on pans up to 11 inches across ($49.95, williams-sonoma.com).

all clad universal lid

This aptly named “nutrition extractor” has become a cult favorite in the fitness and wellness world. Key user-friendly features of Nutribullet are its small footprint and easy-to-disassemble container: The housing that holds the blades unscrews from the container itself for blissfully easy cleanup. Not to be confused with slower-moving blenders (or juicers that remove healthy fiber from foods), there’s 600 watts of “Cyclonic Action” at work here ($119.99, nutribullet.com).


Tell us: Which would you add to your registry?

—Mary Clarke

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