You'll Never Believe What This Couple Wore to Their Wedding

Some couples express themselves by writing their own wedding vows, choosing a meaningful first dance song, or planning a sweet anniversary surprise. But for Nick and Wendy Lowe, their wedding day was the ultimate form of self-expression when they chose to bare all and wed in the nude.

The naturists got married on January 5 at the Wellington Naturist Club in New Zealand. About 120 guests attended the ceremony; half wore clothing, while the other half went au naturel.

"The most impressive thing really was how the guests who were not naturists pretty much just mingled and got along with everybody and didn't give a damn," the groom told Hawke's Bay Today, a local newspaper. (In case you're curious: Yes, they mentioned that it was a clothing-optional event in their wedding invitation, so guests were forewarned!)

Why get married naked? The bride described the sensation as similar to that of "walking barefoot through the grass" and says the sun and breeze on her skin was "fantastic." Her new husband converted her to the nudist lifestyle about six years ago. According to the American Association for Nude Recreation, nudists believe that it also enhances self-esteem, eradicates class distinctions and makes it easier to accept others, regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition.

The Lowe's aren't alone—AANR estimates that nude recreation is a $440 million annual industry. In 2003, Hedonism III Resort in Jamaica made headlines when they hosted what they reportedly referred to as the "largest mass nude wedding ceremony in the world": 29 couples participated. We can only imagine how those wedding photos turned out...

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— Stefania Sainato

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