Pro NFL Player Responds to Fan's Wedding Invite

Zach V. Curley and his bride-to-be, Teresa Daley, haven't sent out most of their invitations for their May wedding yet, but they did contact a few special people in their "A" list: Mickey and Minnie, The Obamas and Robert Griffin III. To their surprise, they actually got a response back in just five days from the Washington Redskins quarterback, who also included a signed autograph (still waiting on Disney and the White House).

"Just that somebody as big as RGIII would take the time, right away, to write something back — I thought that was really cool. Obviously I’ll be a Redskins fan all my life, but he will be my favorite player from now on, until the end of time," the groom tells The Washington Post.

Photo Credit: @marylandterps01 on Twitter

Curley decided to pass Griffin's response along to The Post to prove that despite getting a bad rap — the Redskins have received a lot of negative coverage recently — the kind gesture meant a lot to him ("it will be one of my favorite wedding memories").

But this isn't the first engaged couple to make headlines for a "regretfully decline" RSVP. Football legend Peyton Manning also took the time to mail one back to Anna Bozard last year, and it was viewed millions of times on Reddit. "Getting the response totally sealed my thoughts about him. He's a good-natured and good-hearted person," Bozard tells ESPN.

Photo Credit: user LackadaisicalRomp on Reddit

Moral of the story: There's no harm in inviting your favorite athlete to the big day! Best-case scenario: They'll crash the cocktail hour. Worst-case scenario: You'll have an incredible souvenir that you can frame in your new home.

Tell us: If you could have any athlete show up at your wedding, who would you choose?

—Stefania Sainato

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